Checklist for Singaporean Mum, D

To the family of Singaporean Mum, D,

Take it easy ok. It is not going to be that bad. Though I can't guarantee whether the plane will land or disappear, once she makes it to Perth soil, things should be within our control. We will keep our eyes on her. Since Singaporean Mum chose not to bunk with my family, Agent M will be taking care of her for this project. Agent M is one of the most meticulous person I can trust. So you can be assured that Singaporean mum, D will be alright. In fact, I am worried for Agent M's safety instead. Let's hope this ends well.

Your mission datasheet, simplified:

Mission: Set up camp

Take allowed: 8 days

Deliverables: Enroll child 1 to school, secure a rental unit as a temporary base, obtain necessary documents, procure a vehicle


Day 0:

Download WA maps on GPS app in mobile phone. Check. That was done and confirmed with Agent N (me)

Once you arrive at hideout, receive mobile sim card from Agent M and switch cards immediately. Keep existing card away carefully. Switch on phone and test out GPS. Electronic compass unlocked.

Go to sleep early (8pm) the Perth Way.

Day 1:

Agent M will take you to location X to collect car. Transportation unlocked. With increased mobility, proceed to complete the following tasks;

- make yourself to location E, marked The Shops at Ellenbrook. Choose whichever fancy name you prefer and set up a bank account with them. Deposit some money to make your account look pleasing.

- proceed to 15 Keane Street, Midland then look for a premise marked "Centrelink" and enter building. This location is an integrated centre to set up both your Medicare account AND your Centrelink account. [link] Make sure you set up both accounts. Use Agent M's hideout as your residential address temporarily. You should receive the documents before your mission ends.

- have lunch. then drive along our famous Swan Valley and inhale substance G, codename "life" and return to hideout.

- sleep early, the Perth Way.

Edit: Agent M has volunteered to take over and assist Singaporean mum D and requested for a checklist instead. I realised I have written one long ago, still available online [link]. Please read. You can leave her car procurement to me but please assist on her rental house hunt. Good luck.

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