New Autumn

It is raining tonight. That alone doesn't tell me Autumn is here. It actually does rain in Summer, although that fact is contrary in almost everyone's memory. Sunrise has shifted almost half an hour later since the end of Summer. 

These 2 photos were taken on 2 different days at the same time. Pretty much tells the whole story. The intense heat in the air was suddenly gone, as if somebody removed some humongous convectional heating elements. Gone were the flies too. Damn them to hell. What is left is cool, clean Autumn. Why must this happen only once a year?

Big events that blew my mind happened for the past Autumns. Settling down, insane work regimes or being told I had cancer, Autumn always seem like a come-and-go in my memories. As beautiful as the Autumns may be, I hardly remember a slow and enjoyable one. This year, a sudden need to return to Singapore and a potential further 2 weeks of being apart from my family after my return will undoubtedly tarnish a blissful Autumn that I had been craving for a long year. One of the biggest project will later consume our energies and possibly see the end of Autumn by the time we see it off. Perhaps that is what Autumn is all about. Notable transitions. Major transformations.

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