Goldilocks Reloaded

Goldilocks still runs today. Thus it has become my longest serving car of 3 years and counting. She costed me $2,100 or so but that wasn't the reason why she is a bad ass. She is a mini SUV that 2 adults can sleep in flat when her back seats are pushed down. That was the reason why I could transport my dining table back home when I moved to my current place. Also, to dump 7 full loads of furniture and thrash I did not need in the secrecy of the night. Her tow bar was the reason I could drag a trailer with me when I needed the pulley to force Duchess M's unwanted garden hedge from its roots without breaking a sweat and a few backs. Most importantly, Goldilocks started up to take me to work every single morning, including the morning after weeks away from Perth during holidays. No doubt about it, she's a bad ass.

It was tempting for me to dump Goldilocks for a cheap 15 year old CRV. After all, I really enjoy driving in Ugly Green. A little urge from the mechanic (who clearly wanted cash) was all it took to remind me of Goldilock's faithful service. It turned out I wasn't far from my assumptions that something in the fuel system was not working. I was quoted $185 for a new fuel pump and $250 for labour cost. I have been having difficulties coming to terms that labour cost more than the actual item that I need. Then I realise I am in Australia.

But now that Goldilocks is back in action, I am slowly easing the pinch as the days go by. This is her first 2nd repair but it's the first disabling fault. The first CV joint boot replacement only cost me $100 or so which worked perfectly up to this point. $2,100 + $100 + $435 = $2,635 mechanical worth. Over 3 years, excluding standard costs like insurance or fuel which any other car will cost me the same, Goldilocks cost me $878 a year so far. If she can survive for another year without additional repair, it'll bring the figure down to $659. Since Goldilocks is a bad ass, I believe she will last another year for me.

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  1. good on you, mate... goldilocks can keep on rocking.

    Next time before repair get a 2nd quote if possible. You remember my old car - the Toyota? It also broke down with the same problem, also had to change fuel pump. The part cost is similar to yours, but the labour was way cheaper. My mech charged me $100.

    1. My fuel pump cannot be assessed from the back seat hatch. need to remove fuel tank to reach it. that's why labour increased. when i have my own garage i'll do these myself.