12 Tips to Migrate to Australia as Revealed by the Straits Times

I love this article because it provided us quite a few insights about a struggling migrant in Australia. For those lazy bums who don't like reading, let me do you a service by highlighting the important points and what you can learn from the information the Straits Times painstakingly paid a foreign journalist to provide you with.

1) "Ms Maria De Fusco decided she wanted to stay a little longer."
Pro tip: You can stay as long as you want if you keep studying. Hint: Not necessarily university.

2) "Despite spending A$35,000 on her application and living in Australia since 2001...."
Pro tip: After paying a typical few thousand bucks (say $5000) on a PR application, Ms Maria De Fusco actually survived four years on about A$30,000, which works out to be $625 a month. Bravo!

3) "This limbo situation does not allow me to get on with my life."
Pro tip: Time actually stops in Australia for you.

4) "I can't even have a mobile phone plan because they require a two-year visa."
Pro tip: FYI, there are prepaid cards running much cheaper than a typical mobile phone plan. 

5) "I can work but not all organisations allow me to apply for a position because some require you to be a permanent resident."
Pro tip: Some organisations do not require you to be permanent residents to hire you.

6) "The top priority categories currently include visas such as those that encourages people to work in rural areas."
Pro tip: If you are willing to work in rural areas, you get to come really quick.

7) "The bottom category is for those ...."
Pro tip: Don't apply for something that puts you in last priority.

8) "....because a migration agent actually advised that it would be processed more quickly"
Pro tip: Trust no one but yourself. Do your homework and you will be not buttscrewed.

9) "The goverment has closed the catagory of family-sponsored skilled migrants...."
Pro tip: You won't be the next Maria De Fusco by mistake. Great!

10) "I have been in Australia almost 10 years...."
Pro tip: It is possible to stay in Australia for 10 years without a PR.

11) "...on bridging visas for five years."
Pro tip: Bridging visa is your friend.

12) "If I knew I had to wait for this long or forever, I would have searched for a different visa at that time."
Pro tip: The right visas get you into Australia really quick.


  1. > Pro tip: Trust no one but yourself. Do your homework and you will be not buttscrewed