A Single Guy Moving to Costly Sydney with Bloody Traffic Jams


Nice blog you got there, and with reference to your flowchart whether one should migrate, I cannot put it better. It is kind of true.

Now I happen to be one of those that goes through the flow chart, skipping a layer and ending up in Australia. I moved with my career in mind, having an overseas exposure. But I am highly concerned with the cost of living, especially in the recent few years it seems that it has gone up.

I will be moving to Sydney, perhaps you could help me decipher whether for a single male, 75k AUD before tax (not including super and bonuses - which is another portion) suffices. I am finding it very difficult to find a place to rent, most are 500+ aud/wk upwards.


Hi ZY,

With an annual gross salary of AUD$75k, a quick estimate of your tax is $15,922. [link] So after tax, you will have about AUD$59k to live. That is $1,136 a week.

According to my informant Agent YY, a pretty and hot chick living in Sydney, if you are willing to rent a Shared Apartment, here are some figures;

Suburb: Mascot
Type: Master bed room w ensuite bath/toilet, shared kitchen
Cost: $320, excluding utilities

If you are willing to live in a shared apartment, there will be units in suburbs such as Mascot and Erskineville going from $250 to $400 a week, scaling based on the condition of the place.

Say if you take a mid range one and spend about $350 per week, including utilities, I'll leave you to decide if about $780 a week is enough for you to get by for your other needs and wants. 


  1. Rental: $400 per week
    Car: $200 per week
    Food: $200 per week
    Booze: $100 per week
    Sex: $200 per week
    Clothes: $100 per week
    Misc: $100 per week

    conclusion: $1136 per week after taxes not enough... ;((

  2. pretty sure it's just enough if we have sex with our cars instead

  3. Consider share accommodation for the first year if possible

    Live near train lines because it will reduce cost and time to travel. But also must look at train time table since some stops are common stops while other stops only happens once every 30 or 60 min and even less frequent during weekend.

    Still can own car to drive in weekend or rental car.

    After 6 to 12 months you can figure out where you want to live if you are not happy with share accommodation.

    Not always better to share with Asian people (even though you assume you can live better from similar background, each person is an individual and you are sharing with a person not their stereotype culture)

  4. Dear ZY,

    Which websites are you looking at? And do you mind living with others in the same house (but private rooms). The cost of studio apartments should be around 350-550 with parking and close to the city (Depends on locations)

    If you are looking at shared housing with street/garage parking, then you will be looking 200-300/week including bills.

    So 1.1k after tax is livable, unless you are looking to experience the night live every weekend, then you'll probably not have enough.