I am a master student in University of New South Wales, who now is writing a news as an assignment.
After reading your blog post on 1st of April "Singaporeans in Australia Packing Up for Home”, I find this topic is very interesting and decide to write a news about it.

I am wondering can you receive a interview via email, to discuss on the impacts of the recent passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew on Singaporean in Australia.

My final work will not be published in any media outlet, only my teacher can access it.

Your interview play the crucial role in my news story, I sincerely look forward to your reply.

Best wishes,
Alison Zhang

Sure, let the crucial role be played.


  1. I hope that Alison realises that the article written on the 1st of April was an April fool's joke.

  2. Master student Sibeh satki. I'm now ashamed of myself...


  3. S, formally you are captain ... ppl call u Sir more Satki then master sergeant being called master :>)

  4. Could be a spy from OSU aka Oversee Singaporean Unit.