How to Apply for Australian Permanent Resident Visa (Subclass 189)

From Aquarius Girl [link], who got her Australia Permanent Resident Visa via Skilled Independent (Subclass 189). To cut the bullshit, here is the guide and expected time frame (using her as a case study)

How to Apply for Australian Permanent Resident Visa (Subclass 189) For new guidelines from 1 July 2013

Step 1: Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) here [link]
Estimated response: [2 - 3 weeks]
Cost of submission: Free
Cost of IELTS: SGD $320 [link]

You should already have your IELTS results before you launch your EOI. If you are eligible for application after the officers assessed your EOI, you will be invited to submit a formal application. Go move on to Step 2. Else, stand up for Singapore.

Step 2: Submit a formal application here [link]
Estimated response: [1 - 1.5 month]
Cost of submission: A$3,060 as of 1 July 2013 [link]

If you are invited to apply for this visa, you will then have 60 days in which to lodge your online application. 

If after receiving two invitations to apply for a visa you do not make a visa application your Expression of Interest will be removed from SkillSelect. So please don't be an idiot and only submit your EOI if you have already set your mind on doing this. This is not for you to test water.

You should be hearing from a case officer within the above time frame if you are successful in your application. Move on to step 3. Else, stand up for Singapore.

Step 3: Submit health check report and police clearance [link]
Estimated response for police clearance (Singapore): [2 weeks]
Estimated response for health check (Singapore) : [1 week]
Estimated response from immigration Australia: [3 days]
Cost of submission: N/A for submission (email/post), standard health check SGD$$150 (Thanks CK), SGD$50 for police clearance

What these meant is that you should get your police clearance done ASAP once you received the notification to submit these documents. You can do your health check con-currently but the two weeks' wait for the police clearance remains on the critical path. For this case study, the lady received her PR approval only 1 day after she submitted her police clearance to the Australia immigration. You will be advised which recommended clinics to go for your health checks. Pick any you prefer and do it. 

Step 4: Make your initial entry to Australia
Estimated response: [up to you]
Cost: Air ticket and lodgings cost

Please note that your initial entry has to be done within the first year from the date of approval if not the Australia immigration has the right to cancel your visa.

Step 5: Have a meal of Fish 'N' Chips
Estimated response: [take your time 'mate]
Cost: A$15-20

Congratulations! You are now a Permanent Resident of Australia. Good luck.

asingaporeanson's notes:

We used to wait at least 1 full year for a standard PR visa application (subclass 175) under the old system. 1.5 - 2 years was a common thing back then too. We even heard of a case that dragged for 3 years. Comparatively, the new Skillselect system may not be a bad thing as far as eligible applicants are concerned.  Under the new system, an applicant can get his/her visa approved as fast as 2.5 - 4 months if documents are submitted in proper.

Cost wise, there are almost no variation between the old and new system. In fact we used to run the risk of our application being rejected and all the fees non-refundable. With this new system, if you are rejected at the EOI stage, you do not lose that hefty sum. At the very least if you are invited to apply, you know your application is favoured and will most likely be approved if you did your EOI accurately.

Personally, I don't think it is 'harder' to get a PR under Skillselect. The misconception came by because some skills were removed from the list. We have to understand that new skills will be added and removed each year in accordance to the skill shortage reports. So it is more about grabbing the chance while your skills are still on the list.

Contrary to most opinions I read out there, I think Skillselect tilts the tide in our favour.


  1. After reading your blog and the ones of those like neurotic rambling couple, it really is not that difficult.

    Pretty much step by step. Once you have the steps down, even if you do one at a time, there will be ample time to finish every thing in the timeline given.


  2. It never was difficult. Leh ceh maybe, but if you can read English and follow instructions, it's not difficult at all.

    I suggest going to SATA to get health checkups. Was $150 when I did it.

  3. Good info. I got mine through the old system and it took me 11 months, including police and health checks. I won't complain cos that's very fast already for offshore applicant, when I knew there were many applicants who waited longer than me. The new system is faster, easier and more efficient. Only several months and 60 points! Compared to 120 points when I applied. This is really good.

  4. isn't there a cost to get your skills assessed by the assessing body for your chosen occupation?

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! Real helpful indeed! Appreciate your detailed process guide! I'm in the midst of getting the 1st step done. Almost wanted to approach a migration agent for help till I saw this!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this! Real helpful indeed! Appreciate your detailed process guide! I'm in the midst of getting the 1st step done. Almost wanted to approach a migration agent for help till I saw this!

  7. Hi,

    I've been reading up and I somehow got the info that I need to get my job assessed for my application. I'm a primary school teacher. At what stage shld I approach AITSL for assessment? Or the case officer will tell me when to do so? Thks!

    1. I think you should do it before starting the application for migration. You need the IELTS Academic for the qualification assessment and you can use it for the migration.

      Get everything in order first.

  8. wait till you hit the comms part where you need a certain body to certify your trade/profession. that is where the fun begins.
    i studied the Australia migration law at Griffith uni and although it is not hard at all to apply for the visa, it is by far quite a challenge for someone to do it for the first time.

    How much did the agent quote you for doing all these works?

    by the way, Im not a registered agent ...yet.

  9. Is there a minimum income we should earn per year in order to be eligible? =(

  10. Hi Singaporeanson,

    If once i get PR through the skilled migrant category, touch down within one year. Are there any further prerequisites or requirements i have to follow to maintain the PR status?

    For example:

    1) Stay for a period of time (cumulative or otherwise)
    2) Must get a job within a specific time period.

    Reason being, we might take a longer period to settle affairs in Sillypore before one can move permanently over?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1) 2 years cumulative in 5 years to qualify for renewal.

      2) No job required within the specific time period

  11. Hi Singaporeanson,

    Now applying for Australian Permanent Resident Visa is quit easy with the help of these steps.

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  13. Aquarius Girl showed she havent been in Australia for long.

    Fish and chip is not a common thing in Oz

    Sausage sizzle or Sausage on a roll is the most Aussie thing you can find

    Its one of the most common fundraising activity in the shopping mall carpark or in school fairs or other venues, Usually $1-3 depending on where they are (rich suburbs can charge more)

    Talking about fund raising, WARNING!!!!

    Freddo (a frog shaped milk chocolate made by Cabrury) or sweets is also another way they raise funds for school teams etc, usually sitting in one corner of reception counters offices and cashier counter. Honesty system here no one ja-ga the box you put the coins they ask for though the box is not locked.

    Just dont make Singaporean look lao-kui by taking it thinking it is a freebie like the bowl of sweets at the Changi airport custom counter (which by the way the bowl is often not filled up lately, is there a budget blowout there?)

  14. Hello i have some queries that I cant seem to find the answer to on Google (or maybe im just really screwed)
    1. I am graduating from a local Australian uni with a bachelor of Commerce major in Human Resource, management, and a minor in Business law.
    2. I have checked that it is relatively easy for me to get 60 points.
    3. BUT my degree is not in the sol list, it is only in the csol list.

    Am I still applicable to submit at EOI?

  15. Hi, may I know how I can obtain an official letter from the Australian immigration people for my Singapore police check?

    I have already been invited to apply for the subclass189 visa and am in the process of doing it. It's just the Singapore police check thing that's got me bummed. I have no idea how to get an official letter to request for the police check.

  16. They'll send you one in due time. Don't worry

  17. could someone help me please..

    My Total Points: 60 points
    Skills assessment completed from VETASSESS in FEB-2014

    Created a EOI profile for skilled independent visa 189
    applied for visa on 9-feb-2014
    received an invitation on 24-feb-2014
    1st invitation expired on 26-april-2014
    received 2nd invitation on 28th-april-2014 (was not ready and i did not expect i would receive the second one so soon)
    and now 2nd invitation expiring on 27th-june-2014
    As planned i wanted to apply for VISA somewhere around july 2014 but everything is just not going good. Based upon the correspondence received in the EOI my profile would be removed from skill select if i fail to apply after two invitations.
    could anybody please advise what next steps should i take to successfully apply and get a 189 visa.

  18. First of all, i'd like to thank you for your detailed information and it'd be very useful for the beginner. And I have a question also which is I'm not a singaporean but working with Employment Pass in singapore. So, to get the police clearance, do i need to get from Singapore Police force or from my original country? Please kindly reply for this. Thanks.

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  20. hi friend
    i have few doubts in preparing skill asessment for vetasses and i would like to get your advice. i need to photocopy original documents in black and white or color to get certify from notary?
    2.i have 8 years experience, do i need to provide salary slip for every month of 8 years?
    please share your advice

  21. Hi, can you pls help me? I have a question, if i'm able to get 60points but for all Australia states right now they are not in need of my skill except for Darwin plus my job is only in the csol list. Will i still be able to apply for PR with my 60points or do i have to wait till they required my skill than i can apply for PR? Pls advice, thank you.

    1. You can apply for PR under Darwin state sponsorship.

  22. Can you pls advise if I hv 12 years of experience and in the same job for 12 years. My qualification is only n level but I've certificate that are relevant to my job. I'm apply for hair or beauty manager and I've certificate for diploma in cidesco and itec body will the give me extra points for the relevant certificate that I have?

    1. Let me consult my Grand Council and get back to you.

  23. Thank you so much, so nice of you to reply even at this wee hour!!

  24. Thank you for sharing such great information.
    It has help me in finding out more detail about "Singapore Visa Fees"

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