Why the PAP Deploys Full Troops on the Internet

A quick recap. Only barely 2 years ago, we were laughing at how noobish the PAP members were in terms of cyber-presence. The way the 2011 General Election turned out caught them by surprise. Very quickly, the PM responded by slamming the red panic button and the golems under his charge reluctantly marched out for war in their creaky joints.

They have came a long way didn't they? I would say the PAP has a huge online presence today. That was impressive work in just 2 years or so. The amount of work done on the Internet was definitely more than the number of dengue mosquitoes Vivian Balakrishnan and his charge could kill in the same amount of time. The PAP never shown better efficiency in tackling its biggest thorn in the neck right now - The control of the Internet.

Singaporeans asked why were the urgent matters not dealt with swiftly these days? Nothing seemed to be nipped in the bud and problems seemed to have high recurrence rates, such as MRT breakdowns. Even the busiest Singaporeans should know, there is no urgent matter other than controlling the internet. This is of utmost importance and urgency. The top priority.

The picture on the left couldn't explain this better. Media control forms the foundation of total control by granting the Government the privilege of mind control. For decades, it worked to perfection. Singapore ran like a well oiled machine. The driver went anywhere he chose to, without the passengers knowing they were heading for the wrong direction and presently, totally lost. The best slaves are the ones who do not realize that they are slaves. This alleviates rebellion and resistance.

With the foundation of control significantly shaken with the introduction of online media, there is nothing more important for the PAP to address at the moment. With the foundation failing, everything else above crumbles. Nothing else requires more urgency, not N95 masks, not killing mosquitoes, not even ceiling cleaning - unless it is a subset of the Internet control project.

The PAP  cannot afford more minds to be awaken. If the PAP doesn't get there on time, they will face an uphill battle to restore that foundation to its original glory.

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  1. I used to have an upper who worked on psy-ops in the airforce ... He was a nice guy and gave me all the juicy non- secret bits that the military and media used all over the world (well its his job (and hobby) to analyze and present to his higher ups)
    Nice conversation stateer for all my friends when I arrive back in SG hence nearly all of them know what the heck (or at least the agenda) the media is up to ... reverse psyc man... to reverse the brainawsh XD