Sawadee Krup Lady in Thai-Kok

Few days ago, I was introduced to a Singaporean girl who made me excited. She is a lady in her late 20s + 1, with a lovely face and smile like my wife. In case you have gotten it wrong, you have gotten it wrong. What roused me was her story or rather, what I imagined her story in my mind.  I didn't verify my imagination though I had tens of questions to ask her. I stopped myself after shooting off a few too many in our first conversations. It wasn't nice to intrude the same way I wouldn't like it done to myself.

Meeting a proper true blogger has always been an honour. When I mean proper, it is someone who share information in a respectful manner in an online platform with great content which is artfully done up, non thrashy and brings lots of value to people. In blogs like this, you can even feel the dainty love oozed from the pores of the writer. Extra points are awarded lot if the blogger writes well and check his or her grammar. By my own definitions, this blog isn't one of them. But this is [link]. I guarantee you with my receding hairline that this is the best blog writing about Thailand by a Singaporean. If you find a better one, I'll give you a 10% discount your Hello Kitty purchase that I don't have in stock.

You can probably count the number of Singaporean girls who married a Thai and lives in Thailand with a hand. Ok, a few hands maybe. I know what most Singaporeans will be thinking. I don't agree. After my national service, I stopped reading Shitty Times and began relearning the way I think of the world. It is how funny how harmonious Singaporeans are when it comes their views about other countries in the world.

When our minds are set in a manner, we will go out looking for robberies in Malaysia. If we don't find any, we are lucky. If we witness one, it's the way it is. We will be looking  out for dirty hawkers and bad traffic congestion in Thailand, rude, Hong Kongers who will shove you for walking too slowly in Hong Kong, stressed out perverty Japanese men in Japan, deranged white men hurling abuse at you in Australia. If this sounds very familiar to you, consider for a moment if these are facts or just little seeds planted in our mind since young. Perhaps we can think about it. When we are fed with right news, the guy who had never even set a foot in a specific country will have the same perspectives towards that other guy who visited and looked and the place through a specific shade of glasses.

The lady made a promise to show me the other side of the city she is living in. I will be looking forward to that. Not bringing any glasses along.

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