One Month of Perth

The 1.98 km Busselton Jetty, WA
Coincidentally, the first day of my job marks our first month anniversary in Perth. I certainly did not plan that. I'll be starting work at 1500 hrs today till 0000 hrs. They call that a backshift. They are paying an additional 15% on my hourly rate for backshift. 

Do I need the money? Yes, very much so.

So I'm not complaining.

Time flies. My lips no longer crack like the first few weeks. I breathe normally now, very comfortably in fact. The only thing my body is still struggling with is strange light red rashes on my skin. I guess that will fade eventually as well. Looking back at a few of my posts last night, I realised it was a roller coaster ride. Did I really felt that way when I wrote those posts? I couldn't recognise myself at times. The grammar and spelling mistakes I spotted however, assured me, "Yes! YOU wrote these." Those are very me.

I don't know about Jen but I still don't feel settled. I see a glimmer of hope though. Could it be possible, what Joanna, Eugene, Sandy, Uncle Lai and others kept drumming in - that we will make it eventually? It is still too early to say. Perhaps half a year later, you'll read a post describing us returning to Singapore with tails between our legs. That would not be a tragedy though, I miss my family and my dog. So wherever we ended up in the near future, the grass is as green.

We are 11 days from the maternity hospital appointment. I was secretly anxious all these while. It was too long a gap since our last check up at KK Hospital. I hope the baby is fine. She is still kicking everyday, that's for sure. Jen's gaining weight at a fairly reasonable rate and her tummy looks stretched and shinny like an inflated balloon, bigger by the week. I think my daughter will be lovely.

I need suggestions for names though, please feel free to contribute.


  1. The red rashes might be mild allergic reaction to all the grass and flowers which are common in Perth but something only can be found in parks in Singapore?

    I love namings! Any alphabets to start with?

  2. @Jie Yin, I did not go near much flora and fauna. But you may be right, I can take special note of this.

    Jen prefers a name starting with 'J'
    I prefer a name starting with 'A'

    But open to all options at this stage. Not quite insisting on any particular alphabet.

  3. How about Joanna which start with "J" and end with "A"...

    I think my suggestion not really a very good one. I will put more in the near future. :)

  4. its been a month! times flies eh...

    hmm J & A... tats like mine & andy's initial...


  5. @ Peyning: Joanna is my landlady. Sounds weird naming after her. muahaha

    @Uncle Wong: hmm.... not bad. I'll discuss with Jenny.

    @Julia : that's why perhaps we have slight affinity :P

  6. By the way, you know who am I right? Haha. Have got ppl asking me who the hell am I when I whatsapp them using my alias...

  7. @ Chin: I know your landlady is name Joanna. Hahaha.... Perhaps I think a chinese one for you is much more easier than I think an English one for you....

  8. @ Peyning. haha I thought of something today when I was working..
    just considering

  9. So, do you mind to share what is your choice of the day?

  10. @ Peyning, havent made any choice yet

  11. I was thinking somewhere along ur family name. I know of a gal whose name is kaylynn lin. Well since her family is Lin, she jus say kaylynn.

    will be also easy if u have chinese names in mind to be translated.

    Instead of "Janice" (since she is a Jan baby) wad abt Jenix? lol =P well its co-produced by both...

    D evil mm

  12. @D evil mm: i dun have chinese names in mind now. In fact I have more english names options than chinese now instead. Yes Jenix is one of them as it was suggested earlier. My family name is Chin. Didn't want to self-expose but a fren already keep posting it in comments so too late for that.

    It's a tough one to integrate into a name isn't it