How to Keep Your Baby Warm During Winter

Tips for a parent moving during winter

Hi Nix, 

Been following your blog for awhile and also in the Singaperth FB group. 

I'm moving over with my little 3 yr old, probably in May/June, if everything goes smoothly.  Just wondering if you'll be able to share tips for parents going through the colder months? Things to prepare, stuff to buy or stuff to bubble wrap the kid and such? Any other tips to help us settle down better?

The last time we went during winter was probably 10 years ago and holidaying is pretty different from actually living there. Last went in Nov 2013 and we had hot weather in the morning and pretty cooling weather by the evening time. 



Hi Kenny,

Sometime back we asked the child health nurse the same question. We wanted it just right, neither kiasu or bei-kiasi. The nurse gave us a very good answer and I'll share it with you today. Her simple answer was, "Whatever you are wearing +1 layer." Till today, we stuck to this simple rule and Albany has been in the pink of health so far. Please remember that only applies during cold weather. Never try that during the Summer. The main material we dress Albany is cotton. These are pretty good insulators and do the job. The thickness of the clothes will depend on the season. Generally the warm clothes are pretty standard for us. You'll more or less see the same type of clothes in the shops here. It will be more about how many layers you make your child wear.

Just to give you a rough idea.




Never forget the feet

Pay special attention to your child's feet, regardless what kind of flooring the house you will be staying in. It isn't true that a timber or carpeted flooring is good enough to let your child run around barefoot during Winter. Covering the feet isn't just for tiled flooring. Make sure they are covered at all times.


Albany has a habit of kicking away blankets since she was a little baby. She gets very annoyed whenever we put on a blanket for her. So we got her a few sleeping bags. She was really happy to be sleeping in one of those so that solved the problem for us. If your child tends not to sleep through the night with the quilt in position by next morning, you may want to consider that.

One of these
Or you may like one of these


Your child is most vulnerable to the cold during baths, especially if she is new to the climate here. So it may be a good idea to put a small heater in the bathroom. When he/she gets out of the water, she would be adequately warmed to get dressed in your own time instead of panicking.

Why don't you pay me a visit when you come (assuming you are coming to Perth). We will be happy to show you what type of material is good for the bed sheets and blankets (so you don't have to overbuy). We will probably pass you one of the heaters as well. Just contact me when the time comes.

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