We have spares rooms in the house.

Should we?

I know most people will cringe with the idea of strangers coming in living with them for a few days. I know because I was one of them, especially I haven't been someone who is particularly comfortable in meeting new people. The prospects of being in the hospitality field seem doubly daunting for someone like me. 

But hey, things can change right? I don't believe I am the same person 5 years ago. Neither are you. Some of us get better with time, some worse. It is hard to discern that, especially so if we are our own judges because we can be incredibly bias in our position. The easier way, I guess, is to remind ourselves to be a better version of ourselves yesterday. Logically, in the long run, we should improve. Difficult - but try lah. Ok no try. Just fucking do it ok?

So yes. Let's do Airbnb.

First, I am not entirely sure but at the back of my mind I remember reading somewhere it isn't legal to host guests via Airbnb in our HDB flats back in Singapore. Oh, why does that not surprise me, or anyone at all? Should I talk about that one day? It all depends on you I guess. No demand, no supply. For today I'll stick to topic. Since we took the trouble to go overseas to experience a different lifestyle, let's do something that is illegal in Singapore lah. Just for the lolz at least.

The reason why I have been stuck in the initiative for so long was because I was weak in concepts. Thus I have no idea how to convert our room into a guest-worthy room for that purpose. Fortunately wife is pretty good in it. So she bought the stuff and I contributed what I was good at - installing the stuff and getting everything in order. I also clean the bath and toilets. That's something I don't see many Singaporeans agreeing with me as a everyday menial task. For the idea of cleaning after strangers simply couldn't get past most of you out there. You know, after living long enough, I come to realise shit is shit who matter whose is it.

Why bother doing Airbnb? Why not just rent the room out long term? At least all cleaning will be done by the tenant until he/she leaves, wouldn't that be a better arrangement? That was one question I have yet figure out a convincing answer to. If I ever do, I'll share it with you.

So which of you are interested in lodgings when you come to Perth for a holiday? I can give you a discount you know. Perhaps a free plate of Char Kuay Teow too, if I don't find you too annoying.


  1. Dear Nix

    Whatever you do as an AirBnB host, please be a good host. If you click ‘accept’, you stand shoulder to shoulder with the great hotels of the world in keeping the door open and a light on for guests to arrive after their long and tiring journey. Unfortunately, a minority of hosts spoil the market, because what they cause can be very traumatic.

    My view is if one is not committed to hosting professionally, and if he or she thinks that they can just commit to an AirBnB booking and change their minds last minute because great grandma is flying into town at the same time or they just decided suddenly that guests with kids is too risky, then don't. Travelers make a lot of plans for their trips. They are tired after a long flight and battle with customs, kids and luggage in tow, and just want to rest. They don’t have the energy to deal with a host's 'sudden urgent cancellation with apologies', or a host going non-contactable 24 hours before their flight. I also do not like AirBnB’s resolution process for guests. What good can a fucking USD100 booking voucher do 24 hours before the flight and the Mrs breathing down your neck to find a place for the family’s vacay? While I respect it is the host's home, but my time and sanity is also valuable. For this reason, I have stopped using AirBnB for important trips, especially when the Mrs and kids are in tow.

  2. Hi Nix,

    I am from Singapore too and have been a reader of your blog since I was a student at UWA many years ago. Glad to see you have started writing again.

    I will be starting my migration journey in Perth this coming June and am actually looking for a longer term stay (3 to 6 months) from 1 July onwards. If you happen to find this AirBnB thing doesnt suit you please do blog about it or send me an email to let me know.

    Nonetheless, having stayed at a few AirBnBs myself when on holiday, I think being a host can be pretty fund as you can meet lots of new people whom you would never imagine you would cross paths with and take regular trips out of your comfort zone which allow you to "travel" in the broader sense without leaving even your home.

    All the best!

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