Playing the Race Card Now

Due to the proposed constitutional change, Singapore will have its first-ever elected Malay President next year - if you can call that an election that is. Hiatus-triggered, letting the minority have a go, closing the gap, whatever you want to call it, these strategies are racist. 

Meanwhile Lee defended his amendment and assured Singaporeans that the next candidate will "be as qualified as any other candidate who stands and wins in a non-reserved election." Of course, he completely missed the point, if that was meant to address critics on meritocracy. Singapore is supposed to have the most popular (elected) qualified candidate as President, regardless of the race of the candidate. On another day under the PAP, we will not. Even his staunchest of the 70% can see the PM uses meritocracy, "natural aristocracy" and whatever that suits the day according do his needs and, all thanks to the 70%, whenever he deems fit. This is coming from the same government that has been shamelessly drumming that "Singapore is not ready for a non-Chinese Prime Minister," into the already unthinking minds, despite the poll conducted by Yahoo Singapore clearly suggest otherwise.

I wonder how many Malay friends are honestly thrilled with the announcement and how they will congratulate our new President from their ethnic group, ignoring the fact their new idol will start his or her career built on racism. Not 'reverse racism' or 'positive discrimination' - just plain racism. I wish the candidate the best of luck, coping with an undignified task of sitting around at the Istana and waving like a penguin during National Day, essentially being paid to be a Malay. To accept preferential treat on the basis of one's race in employment, is to participate in racism. It does not "ensure a mix of different races over time." No doubt, the millions will probably melt any ill feeling of racism, something the government will never mind doing to keep a puppet happy.

Unfortunately, it may never be about addressing or promoting racism. This is likely to be just a tool to rationalise the self-interests of a certain group, as a timely barrier to entry for a few.  Much as I like to see a demonstration of unity among the Malay community for refusing to stand for a PE, the candidate is probably already earmarked and has agreed to be bought. 

Another sad day for Singapore, a truly racist country masquerading behind the Racial Harmony Days.


  1. Pray show me how a penguin wave? Lol!

  2. I wonder how people would be forced to vote to legitimize a PAP puppet?
    There is clearly a lot to fear about what has actually happened to billions of
    our national reserves given the desperation the PAP is resorting to including
    the willingness to even sacrifice their own propaganda efforts these last 50
    years of a fictitious multi--racial society and meritocratic system.

    My take is that it is to safeguard the LKY myth for without it the PAP current
    leadership is a big fat NOTHING.

    The handiwork of a 'natural aristocrat' and 'dishonourable son' who has everything
    to loose, particularly the very real danger of exposure of the immense wealth the Lee
    family must have accrued all these decades. It has to be immense for the estate duty
    law to be changed virtually OVERNIGHT when there was a chance of the ailing matriarch
    passing on suddenly!

    It should sicken any right thinking person that the Lees is ruling the country and Singaporeans
    like their own private subjects and property