The Rules of Survival

Call me negative. I don't give a shit. To be honest, neither should you.

I piss people off by stating the facts - all the time. I say them as they are as there is no point in sugarcoating stuff. The curious thing is if it sounds bad to you but you do not agree, why should that offend you?  You are your own man or woman. Your stand is your fortress and you live and fall by it. Why should you let someone's words affect you?

One of the most important benefits moving to a foreign country is being able to free yourself from the shackles of the past. It is the golden opportunity to start afresh. A rebirth, like a phoenix soaring the skies freely again, putting the memories of how she previously stuffed up ... to ash.

A random morning in Perth, late Spring, 5.30am

A new sunrise. Another frame.

A new start but ......

You'll be surprised how many of us are unwilling to let go of old habits, beliefs and mentality. No doubt these are cultivated during formative factors of an individual and therefore the basis of what that brought us where we are, change is inevitable to take us where we want to go. Changing what and who we are to pursue a worthy new goal isn't just admirable but absolutely necessary. Even if we fail to achieve our goal but it was not for the want of trying. It makes us a better person, regardless. A relentless pursuit to better ourselves. That is the least we have to try, to justify our existence in this world.

Never doubt the significance of sharpening your art of survival. It applies to every new migrant, regardless of your background, financial status or skill levels. The rules are stated clearly in Chapter 1 of the Book of Survival. The three qualities, prudence, patience, humility. The abilities, thinking out of the box, walking the extra mile, listening. The right attitude, the acceptance of delayed gratification, the willingness to make sacrifices and most importantly of all - being selfless for the loved ones. Never forget this. Our dreams are nothing without our loved ones. 

Because our loved ones are our dreams.

I will tell every migrant wannabe through their unsolicited emails the same thing. If you do not follow the basic rules of the Book of Survival, you are doomed to fail. You can call me negative, or a radical masochist, it's all up to you. At least I've walked 5 miles along this path to show for it. Have you taken a single step forward?

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  1. Hi Nix, I emailed you about a month back seeking your advice on how a 56-yr old can migrate to Australia. Thanks again for your candid and helpful insight. I must agree with your points given above and feel it is very helpful to those of us who have awaken to reality and those (like yourself) who have make that leap of faith. Keep up your good work.