Strawberry Picking Again

Strawberry picking is available during Spring in Perth, around September to November. There seems to be an increasing number of farms opening up to public to do picking. Their entrance fees vary but are usually still worth it, if you measure it against the amount of strawberries you will be taking home.

The strawberry farms are having a good harvest this year, as it seems. Perhaps due to a good Winter with plenty of rainfall. We get BIG, fresh and sweet strawberries as per the past couple of years. It is an activity which I will recommend if you are in town during Spring time.

The good things about strawberry picking is,

  • If you have kids, they will love it. No doubt about it

  • If you don't, you probably need some exercise to trim your sorry fat ass anyway

  • The morning Spring breeze is absolutely amazing. Nothing too hot or cold

  • You eat as you pick and feel like Snow White dancing through the terraces

  • The strawberries you can find it will be the among the sweetest you'll find, because they are ripe beyond the standards packed for the shops

  • They are pretty good fruits, actually

Of course, if you are Singaporean you may be thinking of working so that you can pay someone to pick strawberries for you. I have absolutely no problem with that of course but fuck you.

This year, we actually had new people joining us in picking. Auntie Jo was back in hunt like the past year. We actually manage to get Patrick out there on the farm. According to his wife, he isn't into those stuff and it would be near impossible to drag him there. He certainly looked like a zombie trawling through the lanes, not enjoying the activity much. However, when he met Albany, he cheered up considerably and started chatting with her.

Auntie Joni was also there with her husband. She was the one who found the mutant strawberry, the biggest strawberry I had seen. Looked like Fukushima was upon us. The last time I heard, one of her neighbours or something gobbled up that strawberry without hesitation. We will be having a mutant Superhero protecting us from farm in Perth soon, I guess.

With experience handling those juicy things, we found them storing much better. Separating the ripe ones with the super ripe, discarding the suspects, keeping things clean and dry, we had no strawberries that began to rot before we started eating them this year.

Who is going to join us next year? I'll host Marilyn all the same. I bet you are contemplating....

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  1. In NZ farm you are not allowed to eat them while you pick, they will throw you out if caught. Entry to the farm is free though, you pay for the fruit you pick.