Huh? Writing a Bio?

Angie sent a message, "Bro, pls help."

Above her request was a wall of text,

Lexis is a International Award Winning portrait photographer specializing in newborns. He found his passion for photography first as a husband and dad. His love for creating beautifully authentic moments led him to start BABY like art Photography. He has been one of the popular choice for parents and has photographed more than 500 babies across countries such as Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. His recent participation in the PPAC International Photo Awards bagged him 1 Gold Distinction, 4 Silver including First Place - Children Category, 2016 2nd Half Online Competition, and First Place - Children Category, 2017 PPAC International Print Competition, as well as TOP 10 International Photographers.

Wow. I didn't realise Lexis and Angie have come so far. It seems like yesterday when I congratulate them for quitting their jobs and pursuing their passion. Mind you, that was a very tough decision. They have two kids, not two pet rabbits, to feed. Like I told Angie, it takes great courage for Lex to be, in her own word, "crazy." How well have they done? I know they won an award recently because they were so excited and thanked me for my help. Help? The only thing I did was to type two words in whatsapp. Only two words for the caption of their winning photograph. If that is considered a note worthy contribution, I must be a marketing genius. No doubt, any successful people are being carried by helping hands here and there. However, the real sweat, tears and blood was shed by only the both of them. Though I have never been involved in any of their work, I have been following their stories and well aware how insanely difficult it is to do what they are doing. 

"So what do you want me to do," I asked Angie, wondering what the heck.

If I was supposed to rewrite that, I have absolutely no clue how. In fact, I didn't even know what they call it. "Bio, issit?" volunteered Angie. So I went to search what do people usually write for a bio. It took me sometime to start a single sentence. I was staring at the screen for half an hour. I'm a half baked blogger who blogs in broken English and vulgar language, not a copy writer. Why do they think I can do the job? I have no idea. One thing for sure, they must be surrounded by folks with really bad English or mercenary assholes who refuses to do it without a making a huge margin. Well, ok. People have to make a living. Freelance copywriters are like freelance photographers, they cannot be giving out their services for free, can they? Since I have been critical of friends spending lavishly on their >$100,000 cars, I have to support them if they wish to save a few bucks. The problem is, I am not a copywriter and there is no way I can do it professionally.  Just imagine, I couldn't even start a single sentence. The yolk is on my face this time. I almost wanted to say, "Just use your draft, nothing wrong with it."

I went to fetch a bowl of nuts and began munching. I texted Lex and asked, "What is your dream?" He said, "Making my wife happy because a happy wife is a happy family." I bet he was serious. For Angie's face was as dark as a thunderstorm cloud throughout her stay with us in Perth. As a fellow husband, I know what exactly he meant. So it gave me the inspiration for my version (edited slightly by Lex) of his bio, which is supposed to be used for a high level photography platform for international viewers:

Lexis believes a happy wife makes a happy family. He works very hard to master the forbidden art of multi clone jutsu to help juggle his overwhelming but gratifying work schedule and fulfilling his duties as a loving husband and doting father.

Founder of BABY like art, the emerging newborn portrait photographer has captured exquisite images of more than 500 babies across Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. After 2 years of turning professional, Lexis' hard work finally paid off by bagging 5 awards in the PPAC International Photo Awards, notably clinching 1st place in the Children Category consecutively in both the online and print competition. He was also awarded the "Top 10 International Photographers" by the panel of judges, an attestment to his rising popularity among his parents-clients.

When he's not photographing, Lexis run courses for budding photographers in Singapore and putting down his mobile phone during meals upon his partner's nine thousandth remainder. His easy-to-understand photography tips, live demonstration and new work are shared on

There were howls of reaction from them. I didn't expect anything less than the WTFs. I wouldn't hold it against them if they thought I was trolling them. However, it was far from the truth. A biography in my opinion, should be honest and reflective of reality. It was pointless, let alone boring, to print some invincible almighty thou speech. Photographers are human. Start ups bosses are human. They have problems, they have vulnerabilities. Their bios should not only reflect their credentials and achievements but also their challenges and aspirations. As a third party listening to the weals and woes all along, I wrote the biography for Lex the way I saw it. Sweat, tears and blood.

After a long hiatus, Lex replied, "I'm going to use it.

To support Lex and Angie, follow them on Photographers who shed sweat, tears and blood to immortalise your babies, the creators of smiles.

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