Autumn Arrival and Tasklist

a beautiful Autumn sunrise in the valley

Autumn starts on 1st of March in Perth on the calendar but it rarely happens in reality. The searing wet heat of Summer usually lingers for another couple of weeks into late March, before the unmistakable cool crispy air of Autumn is ushered gently in. It happened well into April last year but this year we may have better luck.

By the following Monday, we will be expecting a significant dip from temperature across Perth. I don't expect any reversal, if any, to last beyond that. You rich Singapore holiday go-ers can start coming to Perth during these upcoming 9 months of amazing weather. Maybe I should let out a room or two for tourists. I'll beat any Air Bnb rates around. I'll throw in a plate of fried rice free to fill your hungry stomach. Let's see if you can find a better deal out there.

While, the weather is perfect for work. I have a long list of tasks to complete this Autumn:

  • watch a sunrise
  • intensively slim down for Winter
  • touch up the minor paint work issues around the house
  • help the MIL paint her gutters
  • erect a garden rack for MIL
  • complete the uncompleted paver areas around the side gate
  • address the mess in the garage once and for all
  • install shelving and racks in the house
  • get a large wardrobe for the wife
  • engage M as my interior designer to spice up the house
  • teach Albany how to cycle and swim
  • paint the planter box in front
  • convert the front verge into a dry garden

There are a lot more I can list down but there isn't a need. If I can complete half of these, I'll be contented. There are only 10 Autumn weekends left by the end of this week. If things go well I'll assess by mid Autumn and squeeze in more if necessary. 

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