Kopi Stop of Nothing Territory

Since Gillian is living in the Nothing Territory and told me how life is unbearably boring there, I told her, "Go Harriet bar find Julian lah!"

"Oh, I think no more Harriet. Saw signboard change. Now Kopi Stop."

I was shocked to hear that and checked with Satki Yoda. He simply replied, "You dunno meh! I thought you have Fartbook."

No? I don't know. My current Fuckbook account was created by Angie and it has .... what... 10 friends or something? I don't use it much and have no intentions to reconnect the previous links unless they come looking for me. However, that is the reason why I missed out the business name change of the legendary Chiobu Kopimaid of NT. Did I give her the inspiration for the new name for her shop?

It is so disappointing Chiobu Kopimaid didn't come consult me for a name change. Kopi Stop is such a lame name. For a mere $30,000, I could have thought of something great for her. Since she is a Kopimaid, her shop should include the word Kopi to reflect both her expertise as well as her heritage. In Nothing Territory, nobody hang around too long. They call it the transient city. People come, make money and leave. So the place is like a stop-gap, a bus stop, a train station. So a name like Kopi Stop will be apt for her shop. In fact, I think it is brilliant and I claim my $30,000. 

I know it is a tad too expensive. Mind you, this is nothing compared to spending $400,000 to rename Marina Bay to ... Marina Bay and a likely similar sum to rename Budget Terminal to.... hey presto! Budget Terminal! So what is $30,000 to rename Kopi Stop to Kopi Stop? When you visit Julian in Kopi Stop in NT, please tell her to send her cheque over. 

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