First Painting Assignment?

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to return to the purple company to do another round of odd job for Agent YY.  Prior to that, I had the privilege to paint their feature wall in the reception room. It was a straightforward job. Buy paint, go to purple company, paint that wall behind the counter purple and go home. 

I wouldn't say it was easy money. I mean ... the pay out was quite decent but the experience was nerve wrecking because it was my first assignment as an individual and it was a commercial client. I had to tried my best to look like a painter that morning. Arriving on site, in a Honda Jazz, with painting material and equipment at the boot wearing track pants, hand socks and a beanie, I looked nothing like one. I was even on time!

I was polite but still managed to give a nonchalant attitude as if I had done painting all my life and knew exactly what I was doing. The truth was, my only painting experience in Perth was painting Savvy Steve's house. My foremost focus was protection. The carpets, the adjacent walls, the ceilings ... one single touch of my fiery purple coated paintbrush would mean a hour staying behind to save the mess. Anyway, the job was eventually done to my expectations but I wasn't that confident. I turned up the following Monday after work to pretend to be a customer just to look at my paintwork. It wasn't too bad! Looks like purple company got value for money. I turned out to be damn good.

The second assignment came several months later, doing a completely different scope. I took the opportunity to touch the purple wall I painted. It still looked great to me. I was proud of my work. I wouldn't call myself a good painter. Far from it. I wouldn't even call myself a painter. However, I think I can do the job when I'm required to.

Today a chap sent me a text asking me if the quotation I offered was still valid. It was the quotation Steph asked me to give to paint the entire interior of a house. Though I am confident to paint a house properly, I'm not so sure when it comes to a much bigger house .... all by myself ... within a certain time frame. I shrugged and gave a quotation anyway and forgot about it.

"Yes," I replied. "When you are expecting an handover?"

"Mid May," he replied.

Was that a confirmation of my service? If so, can I really deliver what I promise? I certainly hope so. If so, perhaps I will earn enough money to fly back to Singapore in July after I give Steph a treat. lol.

I'll wait till May and see what happens.

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  1. ah bro, i dun know but my feeling is that you are being manipulated. dun ask me how i know, i have been and still going thru it. they mean no harm, just hope that you know what is the true meaning behind purple colour. i am guessing, hope that you have a good weekend.