2 Months of Perth

The initial aim was to write a good summary for my thoughts on the day which marks my 2nd month in Perth. The metal shard in the eye totally changed the plan. I missed it so this would be the belated post.

A period of 60 days is not very short time. In 60 days, 2 couples of friends got married and went for their honeymoon for a life changing experience. One of them never visited Europe before and finally gotten a lot of Europe in his trip. The other dude gave his maiden plane flying experience to his Taiwan trip. Another pair would be tying the knot this weekend. Over 60 days, it is almost a quarter of a pregnancy, twice of a notice period, and 8 pay days in Perth. Wars could be fought and life could change astoundingly in 60 days, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

I looked back to my post that marked my first month in Perth. How things had changed since then. I had worked for a month, managed to avoid getting the sack, learnt a lot of things rapidly and gotten a few small injuries along the way.

I'm sorry that I alarmed everybody. I've always been a whiner and from my blog posts I probably made Perth sound like a place with snakes, scorpions, poisonous spiders and centipedes with shards and sharp objects flying all over the place anytime. I have to refute these wrong impressions I gave out.

Back then in Singapore, I faced similar hazards during work too. I could be falling from heights any day if I wasn't careful and could be hit by fallen bricks if Lady Luck chose to leave me that day. I had my fair share of minor injuries during my stint as a Project Engineer. The problems didn't follow me to Perth. I am the problem.

We are planning to shift the maternal hospital to Armadale Hospital. It will be a shorter commute for Jen. She is worried about how far King Edward Hospital can be when she goes into labour since we are staying in Huntingdale now. It's a valid point and we will be making the transition soon. Armadale will be a shorter journey with much lesser traffic and parking is free. Worth making the effort mainly to prepare for labour. The hospital also looked newer. I was actually a patient in the hospital before Jen, I got the metal shard in the eye out at this hospital.

Meanwhile Jen's tummy has expanded significantly over 1 week. I remembered I voiced my concerns to the midwife and doctor during the last appointment. She seemed to be behind in weight gaining according to the guidelines Angie provided. The doctor assured me everything was fine. So the suddenly expansion caught me by surprise. Her tummy looks so big and tight now that I'm worried if her skin will crack or something.

Each time I worry about the baby (the stories of KK hospital which I am reluctant to write about) Jen will touch her tummy and announce, "Baby is ok."

I trust her. Albany will be a strong, great woman like her mum in future.


  1. @ eliis: still not approved name but i am pushing all the way

  2. yay, baby will be fine! and notti as her dad!

    another 60days to see ur princess albany..

    remember i told u during 3rd trim even thou u dun eat much, tummy will grow very big too?

    do monitor baby movement and baby weight now. tell her u want her to be born at least 3kgs on the due date! & make sure jen still apply the stretch marks cream everyday..

    so excited for u & jen! jiayou ~


  3. @ 10-513. Thank you for your kind encouragement again. I will ask the baby to call you godmother someday lol

  4. The last time I saw Jen, her tummy for my impression still quite small. It's good to hear that tummy is bigger and your little princess staying strong....

  5. @Peyning : haha, it's much bigger now. maybe i shd post it.