Mandurah the Waterfront City

Patrick took all of us to Mandurah to view a car today. There were probably thousands of used cars to Perth City region but it was just me to travel more than 60km south to view one. More about the car another day. We'll talk about Mandurah tonight.

We stopped by a few real estate agencies in Mandurah after lunch just for fun. They weren't open for business of course as it was Sunday. Land in Mandurah is still very cheap as compared to the areas we are staying at. We are talking about affordable 3-5 acres of land here. When we are talking about my idea of affordable, you know it is.

Well the closest place I could describe Mandurah is probably Sentosa Cove though the similarities are not quite stark. Mandurah isn't considered accessible to me and so isn't Sentosa Cove. But they are inaccessible in different ways, one by sheer distance the other by sheer stupidity. Mandurah is a 45 minutes public train ride away from Perth City. It probably takes one of the rich men 45 minutes to drive from the depths of Sentosa Cove to Orchard Road in our morning traffic.

Unknown to many of us, Mandurah is actually the second largest city in Western Australia. It is still a tiny city though, if you consider how small Perth City is to other big cities in the world and that includes Singapore, the city state. Though it is urbanised, Mandurah is home to many wildlife such as pelicans, shags and blue crabs etc. Dolphins sightings are very common there.

It is not an unusual sight to see historic homes here. Their version of atap houses but they are by no means shabby. See below for an example.

Several suburbs of this city were built around a freshwater ecosystem that feeds into the Indian Ocean. The people living in some of these waterfront homes could actually take a ferry ride to the city centre of Mandurah to have lunch, because boats can be docked there. Well ok to be fair, the folks at Sentosa Cove could ride their boats or helicopters to Bintan for lunch if they want to.

One of the waterfront regions of Mandurah
Aerial view of the waterfront city
City centre
Animated advert, probably from some real estate agency
Just one of the cafes by the water
A bird of the Peel region
Some breakfast
A rare residential apartment of that height in Mandurah
A walk by the waters in City Centre

Just a street here

A tired baby sleeping

A very old bridge built on concrete and timber

Catch from a fisherman

The fisherman

The fisherwoman

The fisher machine

Random wild plants

Historic old housing

Housing land is very sparse here, even for Perth standards

Police patrol

Some baby and dad enjoying breeze and sea



  1. Hey, this is spooky! :) I text u earlier on today but to no avail. I was thinking whether you guys were "mobile" to join us on a trip to Mandurah. We went boat driving today. It looked like you all were at Cicerello's for lunch as well.

  2. Nice day for a walk that day .. the photo proudly taken by me ....

  3. Geez... my kind of place. Off the tourist radar but with enough amenities... wheres' the 'Like' button :)