Eugene once told me to take note when Australians talk about storms. He said when we talk about a thunderstorm here, it IS a thunderstorm and it is nothing that I would have ever experience in Singapore. Today, there was a warning all day about a impending thunderstorm hitting metropolitan Perth. [link]

I asked my Aussie colleague what does that really mean. He told me it was a Cat.2 storm. Oh. I know about this. You know, in the army we always pray for Cat.1 and then we went to indoor activities when it came. Over here a Cat.1 storm will mean a devastating cyclone that sweep cars and roofs away. Cat.2 will therefore be ... perhaps a bit more destructive than Singapore's Cat.1...

Jokes aside, the locals are not taking this lightly. Citizens were made to go home early from work to avoid the thunderstorm, which was calculated to hit Perth by 1600hrs. Thomas from the East sent me many updates probably because he knew I had 'no hands' to even check any updates during work. I have to thank him for that.

Fortunately, the storm was delayed and I managed to drive home safely from 1800hrs because we did overtime to catch up on a surprise surge of last minute orders. To be honest, I do not relish driving home in a storm. I had a couple of late night driving in torrent rains during Spring in my early days and that was quite daunting already. This storm would definitely be a lot more challenging. I heard from the stereo, we would be expecting winds of 125km/h. Imagine a pebble carried by the wind hitting you at the face at that speed. Plastic surgery.

By 1800hrs, the sky was very dark, even for Winter's standard. Heavy dark clouds spread across the horizon the way I had never seen Perth to be. On ROE highway, the eastern hills looked like a bad sci-fic movie. It would be wise to go home and stay home. At the point of time penning this, heavy winds can be heard beyond the tight fitted closed windows. My garage door to my home is rattling every few seconds. My last check on whatsapp saw that Denise had roof tiles fallen down at her home. Thomas told me his friend living in Perth had his fence blown down a few hours ago.

The storm is finally here. Take care everyone.

Edit: Thunderstorm hit Gosnells at 2141hrs. It was quite obvious and hard to get wrong. There was already heavy rain prior to this but with the sudden gust of (ongoing) strong wind, every structure within earshot seemed to be fighting to stay rooted against the force of the wind. I wondered if my bins were still outside my house. The feeling at the very moment the cyclone or whatever you call it hits is like driving through a carwash, plenty of action, plenty of noise plus thunder.

Edit: Storm seemed to have pass Gosnells at 2147hrs, on its way elsewhere to create havoc. Or there are more to come? Sorry no pictures. I am not into wind surfing activities. Take care everyone.


  1. I think I am luckier at Cannington. So far the storms the last few days have past us by with only a few broken branches causing road debris, and several dustbins fallen over. Keeping fingers crossed this will continue.

    The news, however, show terrible damage at various parts of Perth and WA. This morning I read that 27000 homes without power - may need to survive using BBQ pits to cook and torches/candle to provide light.

    I think the authorities and Western power seriously stretched to restore the outages. Kudos to those who are working around the clock on these.

    Drive safe, bro.

  2. Glad that the hailstorm didn't hit us this time. The catastrophe happened on 22 March 2010 was a shocker to Perthians.

  3. Thomas from the East hahaha I like that :)

    Was kinda worry about your drive back, can't imagine someone from Melbourne is actually updating you on the storm though, glad you are ok bro :)