10 Months of Perth

Yallingup - The place of love

Time's akin water gushing into a sinking ship. Patching fissures is futile, water simply finds a way through crevices to take us down eventually. Attempt to throw water will slow but never stop the imminent. Every human dies. In this era, that has yet cannot be altered yet. Many were short-lived, yet leaving a legacy for the rest of human race. Some live for a long time, a day too many each day for others who await their ends.

Wander. Why do people wander? We wander not because we did not have a place to stay but we do not know where to go, thus we are always unsettled, in a state of wandering even if we haven't move an inch. Bearings are irrelevant if the terminus is not defined in clarity. Hence, the absence of a purpose is a blessing for the fool but a curse for the lucid.

I spent so much time on the road these 2 weeks, doing deliveries in the afternoon. Some roads were so straight and long. Even the little monster I was driving could hardly eat kilometres up at speed limit. These multiple lonesome drives across Perth gave me a lot of chances to reflect. My eyes were fixed on the road all the time but I found my mind wandered off so often, whereabouts unknown. In my early 20s I felt I had an universe of time in my hands. I'm approaching my mid 30s in a few months time but I felt I had did very little for my family, friends, people around me, people I don't know personally and ... myself.

It is not too late to start. I herby request for the universe to back me in my quest and grant me the wisdom and support that I will require in my journey.

Month 1


  1. Congrats on making it to 10 months! :)

  2. If only one person in the world cares about you, you will not have wasted your life if you love them back :)

  3. I can empathize with some of your concerns/feelings.

  4. I began to feel that I was growing up, only in my later 30s.
    Only now in the early middle age of my beginning 40s, do I feel that I've finally arrived into myself.
    It feels like I've reached home.

  5. How I wish to be in mid 30s again where I can choose to live life all over again. Maybe join u in Perth. But I'm now resigned to Sg.

    1. It need not be Perth, if you are overage for Oz. There are many other countries, just as great, if you want to consider options other than SG. I have friends and relatives in the following countries, doing well and enjoying life - Oz, USA, Canada, NZ, Switzerland...

      so if you want something better - don't just wish and daydream... as Nike said... Just Do It!