How Tin Pei Ling Caught Her Tampon Litterbug

I thought Tin Pei Ling was joking when she emailed me for advice on how to catch a Tampon Litter bug in her estate. [link] You know, some females are territorial. Like dogs, the dominant ones can never tolerate another dog peeing anywhere near his territory. The Tampon Litterbug must be arrested so things could go back to normal - having the one and only one to throw her tampons around. So I told Tin Pei Ling how to catch her naughty litterbug. Alas, the cheque for my consultation service bounced so I'll reveal the secrets behind her methodology to the public.


  1. lol.. sexist lah.. why cough blood cannot apply to woman oso? this is sg rite..

  2. tragic.. i dont know what to say!