Prices in Perth - 1 March 2014 (Fruits and Veg)

It must be a rough first year for The Singaporean couple in Melbourne. They had discovered the hard truths - that things in Australia are more expensive than Singapore gave a tactful warning to Singaporeans contemplating migration to Australia. To be honest, I saw wisdom in S, the young protagonist of the blog. I might had made it sound too easy, like taking a ferry to Batam and put no disclaimer for anyone who choose to follow my insanity. Who knows, one day I may even be sued by somebody who came and found no grass on the patch for him.

-S- wasn't wrong. I seldom go shopping these days, as my wife has been handling these herself for awhile now. So when she took me to Spudshed in Jandakot last Saturday, I was shocked to see Coke still cost twice as much as Singapore. 

Not that I drink it anymore, but what a scam
Before long, I saw -S-'s friends listing expensive things in Australia fast and furiously. Parking in the city! $25 an hour or something. Glup. I wonder how much is parking in Perth City? I am counting my blessings that I do not need to drive to the City for whatsoever reasons and my parking fee have been zero for the last 6 months. Not everyone is as lucky as me though, so most Singaporeans must be paying through their pants somewhere else.

Petrol cost has risen more than 15% from $1.20ish to $1.40ish per litre over the last two years. That's dire for anyone who drive - which probably meant almost everyone. A few months ago where Grace was locked out from her house, she told me it took her a hundred bucks to get herself right back in. Fortunately Stepheni took me in when I locked myself out or I might be $100 poorer as well. That probably cost you only 50% as much in Singapore, or maybe even less. Still thinking of migrating to Australia? You better think thrice.

Cut the bullshit short. Here are the random clicking of my trip to Spudshed again...

My wife loves grapes, I love grapes, Albany loves grapes. So grapes

I seem to have an irrational addiction to nectarines. Nectarineessss

Kiwi season?

These badass are grossly under-rated in my opinion. They may take out your false teeth when unripe but if you have the patience to wait for a few days, they are extremely juicy and they make excellent desserts if you cook it with red wine and sugar. (not that i can eat it)

When I last return to Singapore and shop for veg, I swore it was more expensive than Perth prices, pound for pound. What's going on here? I'm getting dementia as well?

These things are not cheap but they taste really good if you cook them long enough in just butter, finished with a light dash of salt n pepper
While it taste fantastic, these buggers remind me why I should stock up on dental floss
I would like to snap up onions and potatoes at these rates but I can't think of what to do with them.  Perhaps while PRC gutter oil entrepreneurs still inspires me, I shall make and sell tear gas and "hot rocks" for people to throw at kids during Halloween. Venture into Defence Industry.
Bought one of this for consumption


  1. Rice is expensive so you can switch to kantang. :-) Petrol is cheaper. It's like around $2.20 for 95 at the moment. Fruits look damn cheap. Guess I can switch to being a fruitarian liao.

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  3. Here in germany, prices for a lot of food and veg are also cheaper than singapore.

  4. Actually I find your Spudshed cheaper in the prices in most things than National chain supermarkets like Woolworth or Coles.

    Some stuff like Coke is expensive which is why you buy in bulk when the soft drinks is on sale.

    In fact I don't understand why smart people have any trouble with uncooked / raw food prices in Australia. It can be as cheap as Singapore or cheaper when you buy them at the right time. If dry or bottled or canned foodstuff then buy in bulk to save over time.

    Surely people can work this out very quickly. My Grocery bill expand and shrink weekly according to what is on sale (and experience tells me which foodstuff is really on sale or have massive savings). I dont lan-lan must buy this meat or that veg for the same meal every week.

    Petrol prices? It's $1.62/L AFTER the so called 4 cent discounts from supermarket. And any fool can tell you that buying some stuff on sale from the Supermarket can save you more than that $2 -4 dollars you save from using that fuel voucher.

    Frankly a couple without kids can EASILY survive on $100 (dare I say even $50) per couple per week if you are flexible with what you buy and can buy in bulk when you can. If you had only a 'bar-fridge'. it is time to invest in a second-hand or even brand new 230L - 350L fridge-freezer.

    Of course if you have kids then it's completely a different matter. But do some research at the ABC's The Checkout program website to find out which products are the same for adults and for kids (even though then charge a premium for kids products)