Prices in Perth - 25 March 2014 (Petrol)

Had a fill yesterday. Today I checked the details of the last pump, which was on the 10th of March. That made it 15 days between the fills, approximately 2 weeks as I always assumed so. Taking out the weekends as I did not drive (much), that was about 10-11 work days on 35L of petrol. So that works out to be $5 per day on fuel alone when I drive to work. Who says driving is cheap in Australia?

Alright, I'm a noob in public transport fares but I have a feeling it may cost the same or higher if I take public transport instead. So driving here in cheaper in that sense, though we can argue otherwise if we factor in maintenance and repair, insurance and misc costs. The car people will then bring up time and privacy on the table, so they win their local car vs public transport debate. But not so for car folks in Singapore, that's another story.

Oh by the way, I drove into the kiosk like a vulture. While the 1-2 cars in front were choosing which spot had the best shade or which pump was the correct side for their cars, I drove into one available slot because I wasn't choosy. Whenever there was a queue, I would pass. I moved to Perth because I was sick of queuing up. So don't assume I queue like an idiot just to save a few cents per litre. As for the Woolies discount, it just happened I qualified for a tidbit of a discount because I spent to buy pre-paid phonecards there. No, I don't buy non-essentials just to chalk up enough to qualify for a discount either. Besides, picking the cheaper days to fill up saves me at least 10c per litre already. Another 4 cents is just a bonus.

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  1. A$5/day is cheap. I spend S$4/day on public transport (LRT, MRT and bus. No taxi) to and fro work. My colleague spent S$15/day to drive to/fro work in a non-sports Jap car with efficient around 13km/litre, including ERP, parking and fuel.
    Your A$5/day is really dirt cheap!