29 Months of Perth


Why do I have the urge to pick visiting friends from the airport on Stargazer although Goldilocks does the job as perfectly, with adequate boot space and better fuel efficiency? The truth answers many questions in my head about the behaviors and decision making of Singaporeans I observed here in Perth, myself included.

I may be wrong. Or perhaps this only applies to myself and not the others. At least I have balls big enough to admit it. Stargazer looks better, drives better and gives a better first impression. The question is, why do I even care? Given my attitude, I would very well pick them up on a 100cc bike and ask them to hold on to their luggage tightly on each arm. Since I don't own a motorbike, I should pick them at with Goldilocks, the car that takes me to work everyday, rain or shine. That is my way of life and there is nothing to hide.

The same goes for the subconscious repetition about how spacious it was at the last place that I stayed in Gosnells. They knew, either from photographs or being physically there during their stay. My reminder serves no purpose other than consoling myself that the current place I am staying at is as small, if not smaller than a 3 room HDB flat in Singapore. No - don't get me wrong. I feel perfectly at ease where I am. Over here, we are self sustainable, self reliant and we answer to nobody we don't want to. Jen cannot cope with the cleaning and does not seem to love plants. A garden or a yard would be a nightmare to her, as we found out. In that sense, to Jen at least, this place is "good size." Albany appeared to settle seamlessly, putting the notion of "kids need space to run about" to death. When a child has no space, no swimming pool or garden to explore, she'll make the stairs, the tables and balcony her playground. It has been an amazing realisation. In short, we are delighted where we are; space, location and cost wise. So why the urge to explain or the guilt of not being able to provide something special to our family and friends with something normal that everyone has here?

There is absolutely no need to enslave ourselves to impress the others. I choose to be the bird flying in the sky than the one chirping in its jade palace. My guests would eat my home-cooked food, smell my home-made air freshener and sleep on the floor. A home stay of simplicity and realism, sustained by little or no debt. At least when nobody cares to visit, the palaces will not reflect lonesome echoes. I don't really like that fat guy Robert Kimasaki or Kawafucki but I have to agree with one key point he made. We need a big paradigm shift to believe our properties can be a liability. In fact, it is a liability most of the time when we over-commit such that it engulfs us financially and physically to upkeep it. In that sense, fat Roberto is right.

It plays minds, both on our own and the onlookers'. Still, I get emails asking me why did I ceremoniously discard my managerial jobs in Singapore to be "blue collar" elsewhere. Just as what the Knight of Pentacles did, delivering pizzas along the quieter streets of Perth almost a decade ago. Just as what ex-Navy Captain, S, did showing his finger to the force and learning to fix cars up while delivering or wash stuff in the meantime. We answer to nobody but ourselves. Those who gets it, do it. If you need to ask, you don't get it and you may probably never do.

It had been more than 2 years of justification. I need to do no more because I have convinced inner self what do I seek, why do I do these and where am I heading to. Though I will continue to update changes and current circumstances in Perth, it will be done with a different mindset - I used to give little fucks. Now I give no fuck. Nothing, however hard you squeeze.

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  1. You can't live based on the expectations of others. It's a different lifestyle that you are leading now. There is nothing wrong with driving a used car as long as it works well and saves on fuel. The big question is are you happy where you are now? Happiness is the most important thing.

  2. > We answer to nobody but ourselves. Those who gets it, do it. If you need to ask, you don't get it and you may probably never do.

    True! As for happiness (per "sinkie over"), life has its ups and downs, whether in SG or overseas. Emigration is no guarantee for "and they lived happily ever after". We just have to answer to ourselves.

  3. That's right.

    Every day now that you successfully live your way of life, is another victory for yourselves against those who would disapprove with impotent frustration.

    No need to apologise or excuse for oneself -
    keep celebrating the positive! *thumb up*

  4. Managerial jobs can be very stressful- have to maximise shareholders interests and fix the workers.