Kampung Life Reloaded

The rains have come. The Todd "River", bone dry for 99 percent of the year, is filling up again.

And as people unused to seeing water, the denizens of Alice Springs find a novelty in muddy puddles. It's awesome seeing children (and the odd adult) letting go and diving into the muddy mess.

Living in the outback almost isolates an individual from everywhere else. I remember being unused to city traffic, cursing, swearing and the rest, but instantly changing my mind about city life after I had some roast duck...

You won't find Bondi beach here (closest one is about a casual 13 hour drive away) nor swanky Cafes or shopping malls.

What you'll find, are the outdoors. Many own a dirt bike, and the wilderness is but a few minutes drive away. Bushwalking, trail running and mountain biking are popular too.

Town is 5 minutes by car. You won't find queues and you won't have 2-hour long commutes by bus and train. Less time travelling equals more time for family or leisure.

No I'm not sponsored by Tourism Australia. This town is better to live in than to visit. Sometimes, the kampung life is the antidote for the numerous maladies of life we face.


M from Alice Springs