Never Say 'No' to Sandwiches


I'm recently in the last stages of interview for a mgr position in Sydney 30 km from city. It's a nice suburb. But from the salary package its considerable lower after tax to what I can eat in sg.

In sg, I pay close to zero tax for annual income of 140k thanks to the many rebates

In Sydney for the same annual I will pay 30% tax!

Not to mention my spouse may not find a similar post in aust.

I'm 36f with 2 kids, 2 and 10

I see the many post in your blog which talks about the good life for casual workers. What about executive workers like myself?

>>>Hmm that will be a tough one without more information about yourself, interests and how you define a good life?

Homely family, conservative spouse in mid 40s would best sum up. I am searching as a newbie what's the suited suburb to live in with my 1st 6mths in Sydney. But with the annual package minus tax, I'm effectively taking a 10 to 15% pay cut.


Unfortunately in Australia, casual workers work so casually (thus the term and their good life) that executive workers such as yourself will be doing most of the work. I hate to break the bad news to you: After getting a 15% pay cut, your $120k/annum salary in Sydney is going to buy you nothing, since a mere sandwich will cost you $12 there. That effectively brings down your purchasing power to 10,000 sandwiches a year. If you stay put in Singapore, where sandwiches are widely available for $2, your $140k salary will see you much better off with 70,000 sandwiches a year, nearly 8 sandwiches an hour. That, you will not disagree, is good life. You can even afford to go to church! No one says 'No' to 7 times more sandwiches. So don't be the first fool.


here is a sandwich for you