Singaporean Wants to be a Fruit Picker in Australia

Hi , im a singaporean 45yr old i like to find a fruit picker job in Australia ( permanently job prefer ) but got no clue how to go with it , as i know singaporean are not eligible for the work/tourist visa . should i get a tourist visa first and fly over to seek a job there ? or you have any ideal how

should i go with it ? Pls give me advice . thks  .


Anyone can get a tourist visa, fly over to Australia and seek for a job. The employer will then sponsor the candidate for a working visa so that he will be legally able to work and live in Australia, usually for 3 years. An employer who wishes to sponsor a foreigner will have to apply for approval as a standard business sponsor. There is a limit to the number of employees who can be sponsored within the period. Also, there are stringent criteria to be eligible as a sponsor. Thus, many employers are either ineligible or cannot be bothered to go through the hassle, unless it is a critical position in your company.

For farm owners, they will rather go to labour hire or self-made agents for manpower. The reasons are simple. First, they do not need to micro manage their temporary workers. That saves them cumbersome payroll or fire/hire issues because they have only 1 person to deal with instead of a group. Second, the liabilities will be fully on the agent should there be problems such as injuries or illegal workers being caught etc.

While the farm owners are willing to pay around $20-22 per hour for fruit picking to the agents, there is usually a big cut because a (law abiding) agent will have to factor in insurance/public liability costs, superannuation (CPF), GST and your tax deductions (should you make over $18,000 an annum) So a fruit picker will expect only about $13-15 per hour (after all deductions, including agent's cut) to take home. 

Since there is no working/holiday visa for Singaporeans and no employer will be sponsoring a fruit picker for subclass 457, you will be an illegal fruit picker if you come on tourist visa and manage to find an agent to take you in for work. There are chances of being caught and there are consequences to face. Thus in this case, I will not advise you to go ahead with what you have in mind. If you learn the lessons from your fellow Singaporeans, if you want to do something illegal, make sure you make it worthwhile, i.e pocketing millions in the background, such as being a church pastor, being a director of a state land authority or a politician.

Here is a fruit for you