Mighty Khellendros Review I

The car is 12 years old but it doesn't look like it. The first comment my colleague gave when he borrowed the car to buy lunch was, "Wow!"

The exterior and interior (good) condition of this car may be the previous owner's credit, but the manufacturer can be proud of the quiet engine, smooth gear shift and reliable performance (so far) that their 12 year old model managed to maintain.

Fuel consumption

I don't expect my fuel consumption to be great, since at least 75% of my distance will be covered under 100-110km/h due to the route I choose. That forced the modest 1.3L gli engine to operate at or slightly over 3000 rpm most of the time, hardly the most fuel saving configuration. However, I do not relish the thought of driving 80km/h on ROE highway. This car feels optimal for city driving (60-80km/h) rather than for 'cheong highway.'

When Duchess M told me her 1.5L VTi Bluey Blue (or something) had yielded her 600-700km on a single fill of the tank before, I wonder if I could achieve the same, despite driving above the optimal setting. So I kept driving after the light came on. I managed to hit about 627km before I went for a fill. The fuel consumption reader actually claimed I was averaging a 5.2L/100km but Pat warned me over the weekend that that reading might not be accurate and he was right. The fill had me pump 37L of petrol for my 627km. So it works out to be

Fake car reading: 5.2L/100km or 19.2km/L
Real fuel consumption: 5.9L/100km or 16.9km/L

Quite a lot of difference, if we do the calculations ourselves. No idea why the reading from the car varied by that much though. The big question is:  Can I ever hit 700km on a single tank? If the manufacturer's specifications are accurate, my fuel tank capacity should be 42L. So I was supposed to have around 5L of fuel left in my tank, although it didn't feel that way. If the specs are correct, with my more dependable Real fuel consumption reading, it should yield me another 84.5km and take me just over 700km. Perhaps a try next time, when the kids are not around and I happen to have a few litres of spare fuel in the boot.

All in all, I cannot complain about the fuel consumption of this car, be it real or fake reading.


I managed to negotiate the transition ramp between Kwinana and ROE freeway at 90km/h once. It felt stable enough. The steering wheel felt much lighter than the CRV, I could virtually steer with a hand all the time if I wanted to. However and rightfully so, it felt heavy enough to feel the wheels and vehicle at a perfect loading. It shouldn't feel that light like the crappy Great Wall ute my company bought.


The rear side panel of the Honda Jazz is way too small for my comfort when I need to watch out for traffic waiting at the central divider during a right turn. I would imagine how a shortie driver will need to stretch his or her neck like a giraffe to get a clear view. I guess they don't even bother to check and tikam tikam sometimes. You'll know why when you see a Jazz cutting into your lane from the right once in a while. It wouldn't be me though.


My modest 2003 model would not be anything to shout about when it comes to trinkets and treasures. I've seen Missy Jo's brand new Jazz recently and wow, it has plenty of buttons to play around and a fancy dashboard with beautiful hue. However, Honda did their due diligence when it comes down to the simplest things such as a notch at the right height for the arm to rest during the drive, a crevice for the water bottle at the right place and service buttons that do not look like they are falling apart anytime after 12 years. Though my "magic seats" are not as magical as the newest model, they can still grant me that big cubic space at the back when I need it.

Albany has taken a liking to daddy's car because it is "fast." Hmm.


Like my colleague said, this car gives a pleasant and quiet drive. It may feel just a bit rougher at 100km/h but I cannot decide if it was due to the bad roads, suspension or (light) weight of the car. So far, I have not felt the car overwhelmed by high speed wind like I did at times driving Goldilocks (RIP) The sound proofing is rather good. It feels like a private space the moment I start driving. I am not sure if it feels roomy enough for long legged humans at the back, since there have been 2 baby seats at the back since day 1 and I have never took a ride behind before to try.


Good car. Just don't expect to do wheelies or cartswheels with this 1.3L car. Keeping in mind I will be moving further from my company next year, the decent fuel consumption will help in reducing the cost. That was what I had in mind when I decided to buy the car. So far, it appears that I will have little regrets with this purchase, though $3,900 for this car is way above my comfort zone. Long may it continues.