Baby Whisperer Coming to Town

The Baby Whisperer Lexis Ow, founder of Baby like art  [link] finally booked his air ticket and informed me of his arrival. It means it is time to do a little spring cleaning around the house this weekend. Else Baby Whisperer will have to sleep at the laundry. That will be a terrible thing to subject him to because he is actually my neighbour in Singapore and we should be treating our neighbours well. I should also visit the markets to buy a little meat, lest Lex loses a few kilos during his few days in Perth and his wife refuses to let my kids play with hers the next time I return to Singapore.

I had a stroll through the Baby like art Facebook page just now. There has been a lot of changes ever since the last time I looked. A lot of semi-nudity things going on, photographs bound to excite grown men and women. There are so many baby photographs there, Lex must be doing well. I am happy for him. It isn't easy to fly solo. But he did and I didn't. For that, I have to salute him. There is no excuse for this sort of things. Either you  have the balls or you don't. Like me, Lex has two kids and a wife (as far as I know hehe), but he has the courage to step out to walk the painful but fulfilling path of self employment. So I can't wait to host the man, who is brave enough to visit Perth in during the Great Summer heat.

Unfortunately, the course he is attending is taking place during the weekend from 9-5. Otherwise I will be able to check with the Elders of the Grove if they are willing to take in an additional guest for their CNY lunch. Not possible anymore, unless that is shifted to dinner timing. Since I will be working after that weekend, I will not be able to show Lex around during his few free days before he flies back to Singapore. He said he'll look around himself. I should get ready a map. 

Lex made me worried when he asked me how to get to my house from Perth Airport by public transport. I told him honestly that I didn't even know how myself. Truth to be told, after living there for almost 4.5 years, I have yet to hop on to a public train. Needless to say, I am equally hopeless with buses, though I have taken them once and twice. Nonetheless, I am pretty convinced it isn't a feasible idea for Lex to make himself to my house by public transport so I offered him what we always do here - to pick him up at the airport lah.

After thinking a bit, I gave up on trying to describe to Lex where to wait for me. I simply told him to get out of the airport, stand somewhere and don't wander away. I'll be able to catch him, just like I always do for anyone I am picking up. 100% success rate so far. Thus, be convinced that you guys will still get your talented Baby Whisperer back in Singapore to shoot your babies.

One last thing though, I noticed Pui Pui being pui-er than all the babies displayed artfully in their Facebook page. Have to give Jen full credit for her patience to keep him on 100% BF since birth.