Consecutive >40°C Summer Day 2

This (left) looks like the same screenshot from the day before but it actually wasn't. A forecast of highest temperature of 38°C ended up with a peak of another 42°C.

I started out Tuesday badly. The day before, we received a call from school informing us that Albany was a little distressed and was scratching herself all over and it would be advisable to pick her up earlier. I was worried sick at work upon hearing that. For some reason, I knew that was going to happen. That was why we made the special effort to stay at home on Sunday to let everyone rest. I also told Albany repeatedly how to handle the itch that she would certainly face in that kind of temperature.

At the end, we found that the itch alone wasn't the main cause of her distress. She was having high fever at almost 40°C. By the time I came home from work, feeling like popped corn myself, it was a heart breaking scene to see Albany sleeping motionless on the sofa. Normally she would be hopping around like any active kids. I shouldn't complain too much. To be honest, the number of times Albany had fallen sick since her birth was negligible as compared to the children of my family and friends in Singapore, perhaps due to the weather too.

It was a long night for us because ... well ... every parent knows how hard it is to handle a kid who is unwell. No extra words required. By the time I walked out of the house at 515am to go for work, I felt like a piece of unwanted steak. The night did not cool down the air at all. It felt like another fiery day to come. True enough, by noon, it reached a 42°C for me to handle. It came to a point when I stopped telling myself, "Hot," and became immune to that offending heat. Cold water straight out from the fridge usually feel too cold to swallow at one go, didn't make me flinch downing 700ml at one go during each refill.

Then the worker at work told me he was going to take his kid to the dentist the following day. That meant I would be 2 workers down on Wednesday and I would be basically a one-man show dealing with quite a few urgent orders. Well, that didn't really surprise me. By now, not a lot of things do, to be honest. If not for the amount of work to handle, I wouldn't mind working alone at all. At least I didn't have office politics and idiotic actions that I had to tolerate in that heat. At times like this, you realise why humans invented robots.