Unwanted Visitors

Hi Nix,

Yes, a $120k profit sounds very attractive on hay alone. But in reality, it is not. You see, hay is just one source of income. Its 'profit' would most likely cover the loss or cost of the other sources. We are now preparing the grounds for canola, barley and oats. If those don't come through nicely (due to weather, soil and land pests), and if our sheep don't bear as many lambs as we hope; or some fuckwitt steals our animals and of course, if they die- we could be gearing for loss by the end of the financial year. :-)

I think the heavens have been kind to us. Unlike in Queensland where they have been having a long drought and then a freaking storm, we have been quite comfortable and blessed with enough rainfall. 

Come at me, sis
These few weeks, we've been having unwanted visitors- humans and animals. The latter was a herd of huge stompers. Not your singaporeans stompers who take photos and post on the STOMP page for shaming. But these were kangaroos. Now, I know the Greenies and media have been talking all conservation and animal cruelty etc etc etc. What they DON"T tell you is the damage they do to farmland crops and financial loss at tens of thousand dollars. Anyway, we discovered the stompers by the trail and damage they left to the edge of the property. At least 6 paddocks were damaged and Kerry estimated about $15k loss there. She was quite angry (duh!) So it went on to a point where we had to nip the problem in the bud. So two nights in a row, we have been out in the middle of the night, shooting kangaroos. Yours truly the Ah Pui Soh, can't see very well in the dark, and even with night vision goggles, I struggled between reloading, picking up the cartridge, aiming..everything. I think it is time to make a trip to Specsavers. 

The unwanted human visitors came with a permission slip. Apparently, they had approval from the government to do some exploratory work. You see, land ownership here doesn't mean you own it. Land ownership is YOU OWN the top layer. The Crown owns everything below . These unwanted shitheads wanted to 'look around' and do some digging. 'Soil testing' was the reason they told us. But later that night in the pub, they confessed to Kerry's son that they were looking for gold. We have every right to be angry but no right to say they can't come. Today is their last day and I hope the kangaroos will tear them up.