Meal with Friends

Beautiful food, beautiful baby bum. Not my wife, in case you are wondering. Though Jen's tummy looks like a deflated balloon, there is no baby inside there. In time to come, her tummy will become flat again. We made a pact to do regular pram racing around the huge field nearby to get fit and in shape again. May that not be forgotten. The preggie lady in the picture may need a hand or two when her child is born. We will try out best, because we struggling as it is, know how much more challenging it is for her. I guess I won't mind babysitting the baby in future when the need arises, if baby doesn't mind learning how to pia online games with me.

Way before that, tummies have to be filled first. So the Elders of the Grove invited their Chosen Ones for a hearty CNY meal. I heard murmurs behind me plotting to arrow me to do the next CNY lunch, since "last year I did, this year you did so next year..."

I didn't hear anything.

BBQ pit, sausage and bacon, hot dog bread, fresh onion and steak. Free flow of Albany Lemonade©. That's about all I can think of if the barrage of arrows cannot be blocked in time. That way, my fragile heart will not be shattered when being told my cooking is not up to scratch. I can then blame the Australians for making shitty sausages. Albany Lemonade© though, I will make sure there are no complains. A supreme daughter-and-father creation, consisting of 8 secret ingredients. Quench Summer thirst like no other.

"S looks lost in the kitchen" - Mr P. Liew,
praising how "steady" J was.
The chef of this year for CNY lunch was none other than the lady on the left. She is good. Just look at that spread and see for yourself. I should have tabao-ed the rest of those ngoh hiangs. Sometimes when you are super full, any food suddenly looks evil. I should have known better. Every dish was delicious and there was actually no carrying out of the earlier threats to include food I hate. Like what Klopp would say, "Everything is perfect."

I feel guilty for going everywhere and white eat white drink all these while. It is about time I pay my dues. Screw the sausages, perhaps next year I should host friends for a big lunch. Jumbo size KFC family streetwise bucket meal. Hungry Jacks Bushwacker 4x4 Super Delux meal. 70 Virgin Red Rooster Chicken Meal and of course Albany Lemonade©. 

Who's coming?