The Excuses to Return to Singapore

It has been a long time since I posted anything about migration. That is what this blog is about. At this rate I am going, I might as well close this blog down and start a personal blog that nobody wants to read. To get myself back on cable tied tracks, here's something useful for Singaporeans both home and overseas.

If you are intending to migrate, it's gonna be useful when you decide to call it a day and return home whining. If you are already migrated somewhere out there and have been considering a return, this is a must-read. For all "stayers" who has no intention to move out of Singapore, no harm reading this to understand returning Singaporeans better.

Glossary of Excuses Reasons for return and their Meanings

Reason: "A lot of racists in Perth/Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne/Tasmania/Adelaide/Canberra/Christmas Island etc."
Meaning: "I was fucked by somebody of a different race for not signaling at the roundabout."

Reason: "There are no jobs there."
Meaning: "I can't find jobs relevant to my previous experience and I am unwilling to take on many available jobs that my dignity doesn't allow me to try."

Reason: "There weather is too hot/cold."
Meaning: "I'm lazy and uncreative."

Reason: "Living expenses are too high there."
Meaning: "I can't cook."

Reason: "Tax is so high."
Meaning: The fella thinks Singaporeans never read this.

Reason: "Housing is too expensive there."
Meaning: "I can't pay my house using CPF there."

Reason: "I miss Singapore food."
Meaning: "I can't cook."

Reason: "Perth/Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne/Tasmania/Adelaide/Canberra/Christmas Island etc. is too boring."
Meaning: "I'm a boring person, requires busy nightlife to keep myself entertained."

Reason: "The pace is too slow there."
Meaning: "I don't have a life."

Reason: "It's not safe there."
Meaning: "There are no covered linkways and overhead pedestrian crossings there."

Reason: "I want to be a STAYER."
Meaning: "I'm a liar."

I have yet to think of a plausible excuse to return home without getting exposed by my dear friends. The only reason I will return is for my family and friends. That is as real as you can get. Yet strangely, that was seldom the reason you heard from returners.

You know why after reading this.


  1. good list! I like the jobs excuse hahaha. but I agree family and friends are a big draw.

  2. clap clap ...
    i came back because of my family, and planning to leave again also because of my family.
    ironic huh???
    and since i'm not qualified for skilled migration, my plan now is to send my daughter to a uni down under in 10 years time and i'll follow suit. brilliant or not?? hahah

  3. Good one Peck, indeed Singaporean went to Perth because of his family and if he is to return, it's because of the family too. I still think staying back in Perth is better for you and your new formed family in the long run.

  4. Dear Chin,

    This was just so amazingly funny when you elaborte it.... but it is just so true....

  5. Agree. many came back juz to meet up with families, friends & of course the food. Its too crowded now. Everywhere.

  6. Coming back for friends is not a good reasons for me. Because once it is in the decision to live in another country, go thru it...else it will haunt you forever.

  7. People like friends will come and go and lead their own lives too. One should not use them as lame excuses. live your own life and chase your own rainbow. Carve your own path. Many will envy us for we have dared to make the move. Everyone need to fight their own battles, be it here or back there.

  8. I have been in Australia for 13 yrs(11 yrs in Sydney and 2 yrs in Perth). The beauty of this big country is the opportunity to move from places to places. As soon as Sydney gets too crowded,and I don't need to be there, I moved to Perth. Someday I will move somewhere(maybe in a caravan)and I don't think I can cover the whole of Australia in my lifetime.

    Ergo, I have never seen the need to go back to Singapore...oops...I can't even if I wanted to, now that I am an Australian citizen.

  9. I miss the cockups of the governments onsite.
    I want to contribute Forum Letters using a real paid up STLive account.
    I want to test the ISA policy.
    I miss Cha Kuey Tiao, I don't know how to reproduce the fatty lardy oils here.
    It is too damm cold in Switzerland.
    I want to bid COE, more exciting than watching cows eat grass.

  10. Good one bro. The only thing that is holding us back is our aged parents.

    @Peck, do reconsider your plan as without a PR visa, you wouldn't have any social benefits and uni fees can be quite expensive for foreign students

  11. @Ahm, er, maybe should have put it this way. Will follow her after she has finished her studies and gotten her PR. As for finances, we should have sufficient by then. Thanks.

  12. Same reason as you if I do return. Being away family and friends can be really unbearable, sometimes I wish I can do certain things in Perth with the loved ones here.
    Well, I have friends who returned to Singapore (from Australia) because they miss their family and friends.

  13. I too left because of family, but would also return because of family :lol: It is very hard being away from aged parents, and whether we like it or not, we are branded by our Asian values as being 'unfilial'. But by the same token, a friend of mine who migrated said that it was her life to lead, and she didn't want to lead it regretting never having migrated and blaming her parents for keeping her in Singapore. Altho she's not 'successful' by Singaporean terminology (ie she's jobless) and often living hand to mouth, but she never regrets migrating and getting her Oz citizenship.

    Friends are very transient, they move on with their lives - the trick is to make new ones!

  14. Well, we just arrived. Left you an email message. Talk soon, if you like. :)

  15. @Kein: Glad I'm not alone in that sentiment.

    @Peck: You're fickle, aren't you? haha. But you've seen both sides and decided which you prefer. So it's gonna be a much firmer decision this time round. Good for you. I'm still discovering at this stage.

    You sure have it thought out for the long term, i wish you all the best. if you come to Perth and I'm still around, contact me.

    @ellis: I think so too.. that's why i came .. ma

    @Peyning: funny meh? hehe

    @anonymous1: you hit the sore point for me - i really can't stand the crowds :(

    @anonymous2: i know what you mean. I've regretted decisions before and i think i've learnt a little from it, i hope.

    @jt: to be honest, i've received a number of emails since i started the blog. almost everyone told me they admired my 'courage', 'determination' etc. but no one told me they envied me. it's a rough road out there. everyone knows in their heart it's not a bed of roses outside singapore as well. that's why they prefer to remain.

    @Alvin: sibei enjoy life leh boss. Caravaning around Aust is something i can only dream of right now. i can't see a possibility yet :)

    @KAM: How do you wanna test the ISA policy? relac ah, don't be too rash

    @Ahm: I hope I can get them to visit us on long term visiting visa in future..

    @Den: On the other hand, i've family here too. my little own family.. my daughter is australian, i can't take her away just like that. i don't want to make decisions for her, she has her rights.

    @milcy: I'm already branded unfilial by a few close friends and was really hurt by their comments. who are they to understand how i felt inside? to be honest i'm really annoyed with them about this.

    @anonymous3: wow, just arrived and you are reading for excuses to return home!

  16. LOL!! This was a very funny post :D

    My favourite is this one: Reason: "Living expenses are too high there."
    Meaning: "I can't cook.

  17. dear blogmaster (=D)
    sad to know that u are branded as unfilial;
    I enjoyed the stay with my mum for past 2 mths, i just sent her off to airport with tears.

    As a parent, she shared this: it is not parents decision to make to pull back their children, parents should respect the children's decision, even thou it may be the the rightest and best-est. The ONLY thing a parent can do, is to be there for them, in any aspect and give their wisdom when deem fit. while its up to the child to accept and understand the true meaning of the wisdom. T_T; missing her edy.

    I would have to go home, next year if things dun turn for better. None of the reasons u stated above... I have my share of "hardship" & fun in australia, secure a nice job, flip a car, travel different states.


  18. @Sujana: Some of those may be half jest half fact, but your favorite one is a fact ! :)

    @Sei: haiz, i know u'll know the story on this side. Your mum is really supportive. I hope you will not need to go home against your wishes. jia you ah

  19. hey asingaporeanson!!! stumbled upon ur blog somewhere on facebook.. i have studied in perth and just graduated and moved back to sg to find a job.. reading ur blog reminds me of my first year settling down in perth. perth was my home for 3 years, and i am definitely missing the life there already. hope u will grow to love the place too!!!

  20. @ dawn: congratulations on your graduation. I'm slowly adapting like you used to. It takes a bit of time i guess. When you are free, can always emai me to share with me your perth experience.

  21. Dude, keep your determination going. I believe that in addition to the email I sent, try a few small starters: consider Perth as "home".

    Sounds simple? Actually simpler once you hard-wire it into your minds. Then everything outside Perth is "outside" home and anything concerning Perth is "home". Especially if and when you visit other countries (including Singapore) and you start mentally noting to self: "yeah, this ain't like home (Perth)"

    Wait till you reach the stage where "home" is where the family (you two and daughter) is, and moving from one city/country to another every few years is just a normal pace of life.

    Btw, the envy and hatred (sugar, spice, and fire) from SG should be just rear view objects by now, and moving forward. Just 4 years here in Perth, mate, and you will start to see more substantiated opportunities as a result of the freedom earned.

    Till my next postlet. -- hit-and-run ex-Singaporean