Serpentine Falls

We paid a visit to Serpentine Falls during the New Year holidays. Located 60km south of Perth, we thought we would have a nice quiet walk in the nature reserve, in far isolation. We thought wrong.

Hordes came after us. Fortunately we were early and found a good parking lot. That was not the first time I visited nature parks in Western Australia. The previous experiences were magical. We always found each one almost lonesome, as if we were the only humans there. Not this time. Serpentine Falls is very popular, especially in the Summer heat.

We were told that in other seasons, the waterfall will be flowing in higher abundance. Like this :

A pity though when we visited, it was more of this:

We can see how Aussies love water and it is fully justifiable. The place was lovely. Gotta be careful though, people died from slipping or drowning before. Still, brave hearts climbed rocks and attempted dives and jumps. 

Can't say I was particularly pleased with this trip. Mother in law came along. Grouchy, complaining about us taking photographs with baby kangeroos, about the flies, the sun and everything beneath it. I can't wait for life to resume back to normal. That's when we will travel again. 

Jenny, Albany and I.


  1. Ha, you sneaked in a tua liap nee picture! ;)

  2. Gosh~ I love the waterfall so much...!! I mean the 5th picture.. lolx~

  3. really envy you. the places you can go to when you have the free time...
    in singapore? mostly shopping centres, or east coast, west coast... even the new trails across singapore ain't so inetresting... hiazzz
    go to malaysia scared of the traffic jams... hahah

  4. CK : wa, v happy eh?

    @ellis : haha, he's complimenting that lady. don't be annoyed

    @memories: that was the only pic i didn't take :(

    @Peck: Singapore has decent nature reserves too. More than you think so. Just that the weather is too humid to really enjoy it and you hardly get friends to go with you because of that.

  5. Ha, I'm not some sad deprived NS boy!