De-registeration of Barry White

Update on the Barry White Project

Jen de-registered Barry White and raised a further A$200 for it. No one a lot of gumtree folks kept hounding me and asked me if the car was still registered. Basically the trick was to buy a wrecked registered car for 200 bucks, dereg the car to break even, sell a couple of parts off before scrapping it for a quick few hundred bucks. Not me folks, I'm doing it myself.

I had slackened though and stopped pushing out to get items sold. I must keep up with things. My roof racks are still with me, I can probably get some money for 2 more tyres, perhaps the CV joints, alternator, tail lights, brake lights, and perhaps even the doors. I intend to keep the brake rotors for myself if the size is right because Goldilock's discs are a bit worn.

It is funny that I am struggling just to make a few hundred dollars, and even blog about it to announce to the world how cheap I am. But really, I don't give a damn how people see me. I need the money. I have folks to feed.

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  1. I am impressed how fast you picked up the ins-and-outs of car anatomy and repair. I would like to become that sort of handyman too, if I get a car of my own someday.

    I feel that in Singapore we are brainwashed to look down on blue-collar manual labour. But, IMHO, the ability to fix things with one's hands, the ability to stick to reality (nothing more real that stuff one can hold, touch and smell), and the ability to explore with the nuts-and-bolts are the foundations of engineering inventions.