Happy National Day 2012

Happy 47th birthday, Singapore. Wishing all Singaporeans a happy National Day.


  1. i respect Sir Raffles for bringing Singapore into existence!

  2. (Corrected for minor grammar errors)

    Lovely postcard you have there for Singapore's birthday!

    有家才有国 — With family, then there is nation — I feel the same way.

    In this way, we upend the old-fashioned Confuciantist thinking, updating and bringing human beings into this still-new century.

    While Sir Stamford (that man, Raffles) provided the administration that became Singapore, it is but the skeleton upon which the flesh of diverse peoples came to live and die on the little island.
    It is the common people who make us the teeny weeny legend we are today.
    If we have to salute, we salute the anonymous, ordinary heartland!

    A tiny island packed to the brim with every possible experience this world has to offer.
    With its people liking to complain, but always working hard to try and make things better.
    Reminds me of dwarves in a mountain mine and underground fortress: short, narrow-minded at times, like to eat and drink and make noise… but sturdy and industrious!

    May we and those who come after us last as long as possible.