Radio and Pots

How some folks sold seafood in City of Swan

No idea why we travelled North East for free pots. Wait. Because they were free of course. We raided gumtree again and were back to our garung kuni ways. Hey, these things aren't cheap okay. Just imagine paying a few bucks for one. How much do we have to pay for ... these ?

No we didn't take them all. If I was driving a Ford Explorer like Stephen I might but Goldilocks with both of us, Albany and the big pram, no chance. We took some for ourselves, some for Grace. Grace would be moving to her newly built house in a few weeks' time. She might need these.

Spring is coming soon. I'll be planting some stuff. I always look at planting as investing. I have no idea why so few people around me are into the idea of planting which is a pity. While some plants need intensive care, some are virtually effortless to take care. Especially if they are grown in pots. Imagine planting a seed and it eventually grows to a mature herb. With proper pruning, it multiply to a healthy, abundant form. Many of us rush to find investments which gives healthy yield. Mind you, some of these investments require close monitoring too and by no means they are really passive gains, if any. We should look behind our backs go back to basics and recognise planting something as one of the high yield investments we enjoy this Spring.

Separately, Jen managed to find someone giving away a free radio in Armadale. It was in perfect working condition. Not exactly your state-of-the-art piece of sound blaster but it has been playing wonderful soft music to aid Albany in her sleep everyday since.


  1. I take a look at your photo of the radio, read the description of music from it helping baby to sleep, and I actually feel I'm there hearing and seeing it happen! :-)

  2. where can i find the seafood truck?

  3. No anniversary post on your first year in AU?