First Family Day

There were a lot of these over the year but last Sunday was the first time we attended one because I don't normally enjoy being near a crowd. After getting the pots for planting, we decided to give it a look because Micky informed us there was a event on the entire Swan River and they would be at Guildford to watch it. So we drove down to Guildford to get a glimpse.

It was a big crowd indeed. Any crowd is too big for me anyway. The designated area for the event was huge though, so everyone had their personal space. Speed boaters and canoeists had to conquer a mighty stretch of 125km of river to reach their finishing line. That was some distance. Imagining cycling 40km on Brompton bikes. Boy, bless the butts. I reckoned canoeists wouldn't find their arms for a few days after eating up 125km of paddling. The crowd knew that and gave a round of applause each time they saw passing contestants. They were visibly motivated,  every single one of them would be cheered on as they passed by the events held at the pockets along the entire river, probably what they needed throughout the grind.

Since it was a family day, there were activities designed to make kids happy. Everything set up seemed to be popular with long queues. Before long, children ran along with painted faces, rode on ponies, mingled around with clowns and faeries on stilts and they expanded lots of energy bouncing around an air inflated palace. The FNB stands did well too. Everything from coffee to hotdogs to ice cream had their fair amount of popularity. The traffic control for the event was up to standard, orderly and organised.

Each time I met Micky, I learnt something new. There was no exception as Micky filled me in with more information that would be useful to me. It was great to see Micky and Jac and their children again. It was interesting to watch both girls because their personality were so contrasting. As usual, Chloe was well behaved and shy. Their younger daughter as usual, made us laugh by her curiosity with life.

Not an unusual sight here. A dog getting along with a cat

Toilets for the needs

House on top of river. Charming

The most active toddler of the day

A sleepy Albany at the end of the day


  1. Awwwww ALBANY!!!
    (from Deb Pak)

  2. I find one appreciates Perth more by going out and about and exploring the places. Good for you bro. You must have got really close to Caversham too :)

  3. That toddler is CUTE!!

    And Albany is so sleep(il)y (cute too)! :-)

  4. Looks like a great day out and scenery is lovely!