Bucketful of Crocodile Tears

I heard there are lots of crocodiles in Australia. Unfortunately, I do not have the special skill set of Steve Irwin to mess around with them. Else, I will be able to harvest enough tear from crocodiles to export  bucket loads to Singapore for a very high price to meet the demand for the product, which has reached an all time high ever since our great leader announced to the world that our greater leader isn't doing too well in the hospital.

I lost count how many Singaporeans claiming they will pray hard for Mr Lee, probably just a little bit less hard than the prayer to win the top prize in Toto. At least till he can take part in the SG50 jubilee party, they said. If anyone deserve to enjoy or witness the celebrations of our 50th year of independence, it's Mr Lee Kuan Yew, they said. No wonder Halimah Yaacob pleaded with Singaporeans not to leave the country during SG50. That probably include the netherworld. Insider news, ha! Little did she know there are a sizable horde of Singaporeans wishing for an extra public holiday on the 11th or better yet, a permanent public holiday strategically placed on the 8th or 10th. I reckon 8th is a better date than 10th, so that Singaporeans can mourn before we celebrate National Day every year. We can call it Thanksgiving to make it sound chic.

Believe it or not, I've heard this since I was a teenager. I personally found it distasteful. To wish for the death of somebody for a cheap public holiday? Most of the time it was brushed away as a joke until recently. I will not be surprised to see a wish turning into a request or even a demand. Many decades of mock yearning can turn into a real desire, you know.

It will be interesting to know the exact words used in the prayers of the fervent prayers of recovery. O God, please rid him of illness? And? Live a ripe long life? He already lived it. Besides, how well can a man recover after weeks of coma at an age of 91? If he lives on, it'll be on much harder terms for sure. One couldn't keep wondering if the folks who have been "keeping him in their prayers" secretly hope to witness his prolong suffering. If not, what else? In hope for Mr Lee Kuan Yew to continue contributing his services to Singapore?  

Alright, it doesn't seem socially acceptable to wish your colleague a quick clean death. Diplomatic and logic doesn't go well in the same sentence. Perhaps "shut up" is a wiser move than shedding crocodile tears. Or if you have to pray, let me tell you a simple hard truth. The only meaningful prayer to Lee Kuan Yew now is for him to get his death wish - which is never to be put on a life support. For a man who is powerful enough to get almost whatever he wishes for, this cannot be more ironic. Get real. Let the man go already.


  1. Perhaps the fear that the MIW has of LKY passing away before NDP, especially at the eleventh hour, would be that they may have to cancel NDP.

    I mean, would they still go ahead with NDP and all the celebrations and fireworks if he passed on, say a week, before? Wouldn't it be considered disrespectful?

    However, looking at it from another angle... they may use it as a memorial service for him. Convert NDP to a celebration of LKY's glory days.... hmm....

  2. Of course must wayang a bit since he is one of the richest in the world.