Visitor Pass Will Do

Hello there, I have to say I'm almost "desperate". I have wealth of information but I'm still confused with the options available. I'd like to ask you on the type of visa. I have a friend (a Vietnamese) asking me to come to Australia to be with her and work together for short term. However I don't have a sponsor or nomination and I intend to find a part-time or short-term work there (Melbourne; about 1-3 months). She recommends Visitor Pass (600) but I don't think it's appropriate. Can you advise me, please? Thank you!

Hi M.A,

abang, join me in Melb?
I know why you are desperate. Elly cannot be resisted. However even in the event when blood rushes from the big to small head, we have to be clear about our goals. That's not a bro tip, just a friendly reminder. 

First, you have to establish what is going to happen, or rather, what do you really want to do. Hmm, in the day, I get my hands greasy dealing with steely stuff but by night I am Auntie Angie. I can't believe I'm doing this. Anyway, shit's gonna be done. Let's get this clear. If I read you right, you want to stay in Melbourne for 1-3 months. And then? If you are returning to Singapore after that, Elly was right to recommend a Visitor Pass. Why? It's really simple. Even if you are going to obtain a 457 work visa, by the time you dust the sand of your butt, it's about time to return to Singapore. Why would you want anything else other than a Visitor Pass?

I'm not sure what visa Elly had applied for. If it is a working-holiday visa, then she will be able to live and work in Australia for at least a year, extendable to another. If all you want is pussy, you do a Visitor Pass x 3 and return to Singapore when you are happy.  If you are interested in Australia as well, you may want to apply for a nice short course in TAFE, picking a course that you are interested in and preferably something that gets you qualified in a job that Australia has high demand for at the moment. 

No frills with TAFE, unlike the
world class university somewhere else
Most Singaporeans should be eligible to apply for a TAFE course here. You don't need your Indian Standard 12 qualification. Heng ah!

By being a student here, it grants you 20 hours a week to work and should be (barely) sufficient to fund your living expenses. If Elly is a Permanent Resident, then just get hitched and apply for the spouse visa. 

Good luck bro,



  1. Hi there, please advise as i'm pretty serious about this, is it possible for me to sign up a for a tafe course, like bricklaying, because it's in high demand now, and possibly secure a job with an employer?

    1. Assuming you are Singaporean, what makes you think your bricklaying skill after graduation is better than a local tradie that will secure an employment visa? But then, no harm trying. I could be wrong.

  2. try and let us know

  3. Hi, any recommendation for TAFE courses in Melbourne?


    1. It all depends on what interest you, screw a nut, saw a tree or poke a needle. Narrow down what you want to learn, do not study to migrate. Picking up a skill should always be the first choice. Good luck.