Goldilocks' Condition Has Worsen

Goldilocks' bad heating condition intrigued me for a few days. Being a lazy bum, I was surprised I actually allowed myself to think over such things. Firstly, I am no mechanic. Having received no training on automobile, there isn't a chance in hell I can do a proper diagnosis on a car fault. Even if I can do it, I can't prove myself right or wrong because I don't have the right tools or knowledge to identify the right part I suspected to be fault. Take for example, I managed to guess the previous fault accurately but I couldn't even find my fuel pump, let alone inspect it. In the end I learnt from the mobile mechanic that he needed to remove the fuel tank to access it as there was no service plate at the back seat like some other cars. 

I have never been a car lover. I don't give a shit how beautiful a dream car looks or the imbal specs a certain model can come with. A car interests me very little as a symbol but it catches my attention as a machine. Given time, I rarely cannot figure out how a simple machine works. A car's complexity however, require more than time. I need first hand contact with it. Unless I have the luxury of going through formal training, the next best thing I can do is to drive an old car. Only then I will learn to identify standard problems, by experiencing them myself. Just like how a person knows when a bad cold or fever is coming after experiencing the early symptoms, full blown and then the recovery stage. That explains why I can tell somebody it is a battery problem with seconds after hearing the noises from the car's failure to start. Because that shit happened to me before. Some 18 months back I was disgusted when my company was charged $450 by a mechanic who came to our factory to inspect the fault of the forklift. He ended up only replacing the battery. That - after I told the boss I was confident that it was a battery fault. A week ago, the same fault happened and I got a colleague to purchase a battery without hesitation. He replaced it within minutes and it cost us $100 with minimal fuss. The officer manager was delighted. None of us told the boss.

Without driving an old car, I wouldn't know how easy it was to identify a CV joint creak as well as how and why it creaks. Then I also learnt how replacing a CV boot is more than sufficient to solve the problem rather than replacing the entire shaft. If I don't understand how exactly the CV joint works, I will be tempted to replace both sets (normally including one will doesn't have problem) because it felt 'more worth' or 'safer' doing so. To put it simply, it's like replacing an entire bicycle wheel for a busted inner tube. Once I learn a bit more about the functions of components, the differentiation between a battery and an alternator fault or between a worn rotor and brake pads will be clearer. Slowly bit by bit, we can learn how to identify tell tale signs such as cloudy engine oil, white smoke from the exhaust, etc. Driving a brand new car will give me the opportunity to learn not about car systems and faults but to perhaps to pick up girls like Satki Yoda with his black Vios.

Ah.... so what could be wrong with Goldilocks this time? The cooling system for sure but which component exactly? There are too many possibilities which can only be narrowed down by a thorough inspection but I know fuck-all about it. However I can deduce based on some facts I observed.

1) I noticed the fan wasn't spinning.

2) It is unlikely that the fan belt is the problem though it squeaks for 2 seconds when I switch start the engine.

3) AC is still running. Alternator appears to be doing well

4) The strangest observant was that the coolant in radiator appeared to be completely drained twice. So it seems that there must be a leak somewhere. Yet, there are days when the coolant level remains constant, as if there wasn't any leak. However, these are the days where I drive no more than 70km/h. Despite the odd fact that leaks doesn't always occur, it is definitely leaking somewhere, perhaps only under certain conditions. It could be a hose, or something much worse.

5) A head gasket bust is definitely possible. Even if it wasn't the reason that caused the overheating in the first place, the first two overheating situations will have damage it to some extent for sure. I saw smoke coming out from that joint once.

Whichever the fault is, none of them is going to come cheap to repair. Based on my feel of the car when I drive it, it was unlikely that it was something economically viable to repair, even if I repair it myself. However, it is unlikely I will scrap Goldilocks at the moment for sentimental reasons. After all, she was with me for 3 years - almost the entire span of my Perth life.

However, I need to go to work. I admit I am a brat who do not know how to take public transport. This brat needs to think fast.


  1. Please allow me to contribute my little understanding on cooling systems from servicing my bikes :)

    The fan should be designed to run only at certain temp ... like in a traffic jam when car is not moving to allow air to pass thought the radiator.

    If the leak only happens during high speed / higher temp or pressure. There could be a leak at the radiator hose / clips or any joints. If yr coolant is colored the leak should be visible, otherwise check the coolant overflow reservoir. If the head gasket is leaking, yr exhaust should have additional smoke or the spark plugs could show some weird color.

    Maybe its a worn belt, there might be one belt that drives the radiator pump and the other that drives the fan. It is not possible for all the coolant to be drain without any sign. Is yr engine oil looking normal or murky ? ( for bikes there is an water seal .. not sure for car )

    I know for bikes it is good to drain and flush the radiator from time to time ( year or 2 ) Rust and minerals built up inside yr cooling system.

    If it is a leak in the joint / pipe / clip or a worn belt, it can be fixed cheaply by yrself. If it is a broken gasket or seals ... i think Goldilocks might need and X-ray :)

    PS: i do not have a car lic or any experience fixing car engine.

  2. I happen to be a mechanic ;)

    It's likely as I've mentioned before, unfortunately. Start shopping for another car :p


  3. If sensor switch for fan not working, or fan broken or radiator leak need replacement, may be worth while repair (get quote) since almost certain it will drive as good as before

    If head gasket problem, don't bother, RIP car, get another one