Tucky Goes Home

When Jen sent Tucky and wife to the airport, Albany decided to tag along because she had grown so much into them over the past week. So I was left alone in the house with Puipui, who was asleep in his cot. When I emerged from the computer nook to get a drink, the house felt so quiet on a Thursday afternoon that I could hear an unfamiliar ring in my ears. For the first time, I felt a tinge of loneliness overcoming me.

At some point before their arrival, I was unsure at how hosting them for a week would turn out. It was more about how they felt, not me. It was after all, their holiday but for me, it was my everyday life. I had to decide on an equilibrium where that it wouldn't be too boring for them and not too exerting on ourselves. Moving around with the whole village could be quite taxing. The road trip turned out pretty well, despite the rain. I didn't ask them how they felt about the trip in the end. Perhaps there was a slice of fear somewhere to hear it was actually shit and they wouldn't think of coming back again in future. I guessed I couldn't do much about it either way by that time so it was pointless to ask. 

For myself, their visit turned out much better than I expected. I got to know Tucky's wife, Louise better. I always knew Louise was a super catch for a wife and I told Tucky so during the eve of their wedding when I flew back to Singapore to attend. It was a gut feel then as I didn't know her that well but after spending a week, living, eating and travelling together, my gut feel was confirmed. She was easy-going, humorous, put on no airs, knowledgeable, cooked well and was good with kids. Almost as good as my wife. My buddy got a rare catch, one far better than anything he can catch in Pokemon Go. I am very happy for him. Even better, our wives get along very well and they seem to love my kids. It is quite a shame we couldn't spend a longer time together for the road trip.

Let's see if life gives another chance.

If you want to read about our trip and the lame shit we did, let me know and maybe I'll tell ya when I have nothing better to do.

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