Rural Property Scouting

Rural property scouting can be a pain in the ass. They are usually far out, so travelling takes a bit of time. It is not easy to value this type of property because assets and liabilities are often at best, ambiguous. The stated advantages of the land can often be disadvantages and vice versa. It takes someone really astute to make a clever pick.

I have doubts if I have that kind of acumen. I would like to think I do but in truth, I will never know until I buy, use and sell this kind of property a few times. Otherwise I remain one of those jokers with an opinion, not much different from anyone with an asshole. Still, I got tasked to do a run so I chose to do it on Good Friday. I burnt for my entire morning on it. Was that worth it? I have no clue. I am not sure if this experience will ever help me but it beats playing Candy Crush, posting narcissist posts in Facebook or stalking what others are doing. In short, I had everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Like residential housing, a rural property can take your breath away with the awesomeness offered on the property .... and it can be dog-shit lousy as well. When Jovial J sent me on a long run of rural properties to look through, I gamely took it on. However, after the run, I decided that would be the last time I would take my family along with me. Simply because it was damn boring for them and sometimes I need to spend more time in a specific property to get a closer look.

After an hour or so, I decided that Herne Hill was crap. The neighbourhood was shabby and there were too many units not doing anything productive with their vast amount of land. I am a believer in synergy and there was nothing to synergise with in that suburb. No doubt, it did have a few lots with a decent view of the Darling Scarp behind, it wasn't enough to justify the asking prices among many of the lots there. I wasn't surprise why there were so many lots in the same area trying to sell their land and why there wasn't a lot of interests.

Middle Swan was better, especially ROE estate on the left hand side of the Great Northern Highway if you were Northbound. It gave a much cleaner, brighter feeling to the place. Being just off the highway, it had lots of potential drawing in travelers on the highway. The only drawback was, none of the land came with any property on it. Thus a huge sum of investment would be required on top of the cost of land to get things going.

Before I went back home, Jovial J sent me the best property of the day right in the mouth of the Swan Valley. I ended up falling in love. I could be his competitor if I have the money. Times like those, you question yourself why you should remain as a pissed poor peasant....

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