Walking for 30 Minutes Everyday After Dinner

Look at that pic. It was taken with a mediocre phone camera by a non-photographer (me). It does the real scene no justice. The 360 degrees view of the whole place looked much better, topped off by a low 20 degrees Celsius fine weather with cool gentle breeze. It will be one of the perks I enjoy if I bother to get my lazy ass outside for a walk.

It all seem impossible. There are kids to fetch from school and childcare, everyone to be fed, kids and plates to clean. It'll be a challenge to get out for a walk before sunset. However, I always believe something like that is a priority issue. People hire maids so that they can work because they find working in offices more fulfilling and financially rewarding than taking care of the houses and children. People sacrifice small windows of light exercise opportunities and replace them with a larger window in a paid gym. It is a priority placing thing that influence the final decision.

For me, I did not choose to live abutting a park for the view. Sure, I hate people in general so one less neighbour opposite to my front door will do my sanity no harm but the main draw was the urge to use the park. It serves as a constant reminder every single day that I shall not slack my lazy ass and get out there. For the past week, I managed to get the family outside for a 30 minutes walk after dinner. Every single day without fail.

The benefits are almost instantaneous. Since we have to have dinner as early as possible, we do not go to bed with a full stomach. Despite that, for some unknown reasons, my urge to snack has completely disappear. I could fit into my work pants without squeezing out fats after a week of walking. If I continue to do so, I would have reduce my fat content low enough for my pants to feel loose. That will be perfect for my Winter preparation. Needless to say, the disappearing obnoxious lump around the tummy also makes me feel and breathe better. Within this 7 days, Albany learnt how to cycle and got better by the day. I have to do brisk walking to a slow jog to taking short cuts catch up with her.

If I can feel a difference within 7 days, I am pretty sure there will be more in the long run. The only question is how long we can keep this up. Will we be determined enough to carry on the walks through Winter and Summer? Will we slacken after sometime? Hopefully we can carry on as long as we can.

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