Interview for Contracts Administrator Job

Less than 12 hours after I sent the resume on Friday night, I received a call on Saturday morning at 8.30am. The boss wanted to see me.



I have absolutely no idea.

I contacted Patrick because he has been in the contracts line for much of his working life to ask him to assess the jobscope. He got back to me and told me even he might find it a challenge to handle that jobscope.

"Then how the hell can I do it man?" I exclaimed.

He told me to go down to find out what the boss saw in my resume, with no expectations. Well, ok. I had about 1 hour left and I'm still here blogging about this. I intend to slip a pair of jeans on with a neat looking top and drive down once I'm done with this.

Good luck? I probably need a good dose of this. I know even luck is not enough to carry me through this. Pat was right. It is probably good to go down with a curious mind and zero expectation. I immediately feel no stress whatsoever with this mindset.

I have no intention to lie later on. I will be completely honest and tell the boss I know and what I don't (which is a large part of the jobscope really) It appears that he and his workers work even on Saturdays here, which isn't ideal for me, unless I enjoy the work adequately.  Perhaps he just want to see if I'm more yandao that him. I think I will be but let's see ok?


  1. huat arh :) all the best in the job.

  2. I applied for a job as an admin with no prior experience and got the job . Doing fine now. So why not?