Got the Job (in principle) But ...

So I rushed down to the company for the unexpected interview that I sent in the application for less than 12 hours ago. I arrived 10 minutes before the appointed time and entered the office.

"Hello!" called a voice.

"Hi, are you the boss?"

"Yes of course, only the boss would be working on a Saturday."

True enough, I looked around and saw an inactive office and he was the only person around. I was invited to his office and offered the seat.

The interview was informal enough by Aussie standards. It felt like it didn't last for 10 minutes before I was asked how much do I expect for the job. We negotiated a little. I felt I couldn't ask for the role because I was honestly out of depth. However, if I were to be offered the job, I would put in a good shift and ask for adjustments in time to come. That would probably be a fairer arrangement. 

Then he asked me when would I be able to start and ended the interview asking me to send him some paper details and he would be sending my "contract" over "later." I thanked him, left, then sent him the stuff later in the day. 

I haven't heard from him since but he did mention he would be away for 2 weeks. I sent a reminder email and stopped at one. Meanwhile it's waiting time. I am not desperate anyway.

Interestingly, when I left the company, I saw a Woolworths office in a distance. It was actually the place I had my first ever interview for a shelf stacking job in the supermarket (didn't get the job)

Ah, the memories. That was one awkward interview man. At least I tried.

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  1. Don't sell yourself short. These blogs are a testament of your capabilities - critical thinking, analytical abilities and wit. I bet the boss wasn't looking only at your resume. The great companies of the world trip over each other to attract Ivy League graduates, doesn't matter what they major in. Of course, not everyone who can gets to attend an Ivy League to be on that gravy train. Great employers see what is inside you. You have arrived Nix.