Plant A Tree

Back after 2 years and the first post is about planting a tree?

Why the fucking not?

Listen - when is the last time you planted a tree? Ha! Gotcha didn't I?  You ain't planted no tree, you commoner. We all know only important Singaporeans get to plant trees while a crowd looks on, clapping with their strong arms they developed carrying balls. 

In other parts of Singapore, folks plant trees unseen, unknown except for the barking supervisor, if he isn't hiding in a nearby kopitiam. These folks aren't Singaporean, they don't wear white and don't attract the same appreciation from the muscular clapping crowd despite planting 30 trees that day. Ah, I feel like one of these folks yesterday when I planted my tree outside my humble abode. My balls are heavy too. Where are the ball carrying clapping crowd? Not a single soul in sight, except for the odd well maintained Aussie lady jogging past now and then. 

Ah well, never mind. I planted my Mulberry tree, water it, surround it with some bricks temporarily and cover it the base of the tree with clay stones (not shown in pic) to minimise weeds for now. I am mighty pleased that this has finally been done. Things around the place has been neglected for 2 years, just like this blog. So stuff gotta get done again, after the delays. So sorry to everything that look spider-webby. 

There used to be a tree in the place of my newly planted Mulberry tree. It was a badly taken care Frangipani tree that decided to shredded its leaves during cold weather. That folly eventually brought it to its demise because the 6ish year old son of a guest jumped on it and broke it.

Why? I have no fucking clue. You tell me.

I was told later that the boy mistaken the bare stump as a sundial. 

Hmm, ok. I can understand why people like to jump on sundials. I like doing that too. In fact, when I was young I hoped to be a professional sundial jumper when I grow up. That didn't happen to me and I wish the little boy all the best. I hope he doesn't jump on that sundial in the Botanic Garden in Singapore. That is a tough one. Though the nearest hospital is within walking distance, it wouldn't be the wisest thing to do.

Now we got the serious things down, let's talk get light hearted and let me talk about why I chose a Mulberry tree.

First reason, my mother-in-law propagated that cutting so if I don't plant it and eventually get it killed like other plants she gave me, untold horrors may happen to me. Second, we can't buy mulberries in shops. Reason being, they are one of the most fragile fruits you'll ever get out there. Their shelf life is non-existing, even as compared to similar fruits like raspberries or blueberries. Therefore I opted for this tree as opposed to the more popular choice of trees I saw other big ball Singaporeans in Perth plant in their backyard. Such as lemon. Ah, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade right? In reality, when life gives you lemons, you share them with friends. Their lemons end up in my kitchen. 


  1. Read your blog some years back. Today I stumbled back to your blog and realized it's the same day you posted your first post after a long while.

    Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back SGson! I will still say the same - write for yourself.